The drug "Atsekardol": instructions for use, indications, analogues and reviews

Today, probably, every person is familiar with such a concept as acetylsalicylic acid. This tool is often used to reduce body temperature, but in addition it also has a very good effect on the vessels and the heart of a person. Acetylsalicylic acid is the main component of the drug "Atsekardol." With the instructions for use of this tool, as well as indications and contraindications, its composition, substitutes, the opinion of doctors and consumers about it you can find in this article. Carefully read the information provided in order to protect and arm yourself as much as possible.

A few words about the composition and form of release

The instructions for "Atsekardolu" reported that the main active ingredient of this pharmaceutical preparation is acetylsalicylic acid.However, besides it, the composition also includes such auxiliary components as magnesium stearate, starch, titanium dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose and lactose.

tablets "Atsekardol"

The main form of release are tablets intended for oral administration. The main content of the tablet is placed in a yellowish shell, which has the ability to dissolve the intestine, bypassing the stomach.

The tablets are placed in blisters, each of which contains ten pills. And blisters, in turn, are packed in carton, three pieces in each. Instructions for use to "Atsekardolu" embedded in each carton.


The drug "Atsekardol" refers to non-steroidal drugs that can eliminate inflammatory processes. The tool is spread very quickly by the circulatory system. Within ten to twenty minutes his concentration in the blood will be maximum. If the urinary system is functioning without interruption, then the tool is completely removed from the body in one or three days.

Using the tool allows you to cope with various diseases of the heart and blood vessels.And its higher dosages are also able to relieve inflammation and have a good analgesic effect.

When can I use

"Atsekardol" instructions for use describes as a tool that has a fairly wide range of applications. Very often, this medicine is prescribed by cardiologists to patients for the prevention of myocardial infarction. This is especially true of those who suffer from overweight, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Also, the drug may be prescribed to people suffering from angina and cerebral circulation.

what the blood looks like

The instructions to "Atsekardolu" said that the drug is also able to reduce blood viscosity, which is very important in the presence of varicose veins. The tool is widely used for the prevention of thrombosis.

Since the drug has a very good anti-inflammatory, strong analgesic and excellent antipyretic effect, it is prescribed for the complex therapy of viral diseases, as well as for the elimination of inflammatory processes in the joints.

Is it always possible to use the drug

It is very important to familiarize yourself with the instructions for "Atsekardolu" before starting its use.Despite the fact that this medicine is considered relatively safe, it still has a considerable number of prohibitions to use. Therefore, self-medicating is extremely dangerous. Be sure to consult with an experienced doctor about the possibility of using this pharmaceutical agent.

So, consider when the drug is strictly prohibited to use:

  • in the presence of serious diseases of the digestive system;
  • when bleeding occurs, as well as poor blood clotting;
  • it is also contraindicated in patients with bronchial asthma and hemophilia;
  • it is better to refuse the use of the drug to patients who are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients that make up the drug;
  • the drug is contraindicated for use by persons under the age of sixteen, as well as lactating and pregnant women. However, in some cases, doctors still make exceptions.
blood cells

With the utmost care under the strict supervision of an experienced physician, the drug can be used by patients with serious pathologies of the liver and kidneys. In this case, it is best to conduct treatment in a hospital under the strict supervision of specialists.

Typically, these pills are designed for fairly long-term use, so during the passage of a therapeutic course it is recommended to closely monitor the level of your health.

Tablets "Atsekardol": instructions for use

Reviews of patients and doctors confirm that if you use this tool, guided by all the recommendations given by a cardiologist and instructions, the treatment will be successful and will not cause side effects.

Tablets "Atsekardol" are intended for use inside. The drug will act as efficiently as possible if taken immediately before a meal, while drinking a sufficient amount of purified water.

If the remedy is prescribed by a doctor for the prevention of heart attack, then you need to take one hundred milligrams of the active substance daily, or three hundred milligrams once every two days.

If there is a need to get a very fast therapeutic effect, then in this case it is recommended to chew the pill and only then swallow it and drink a sufficient amount of water.

For the prevention of angina,as well as reducing blood viscosity and other problems with blood vessels, the instructions for use of "Atsekardolu" recommends taking the drug once a day, using one tablet. Once again, it is worth reiterating that you can only use this drug after your health care provider has prescribed it to you.

Can undesirable effects develop?

Many consumers are wondering: can they lead to side effects of acecardol pills? Instructions for use and reviews report that this is possible. However, if you take the drug correctly, the risk of such phenomena is reduced to a minimum.

So, consider the adverse effects of the use of this pharmaceutical preparation:

the cardiovascular system
  • in the presence of hypersensitivity to the components in its composition, the patient may begin to develop various allergic reactions, which manifest themselves in the form of puffiness, rash, itching, urticaria, and rhinitis;
  • some patients had problems with the digestive and central nervous systems. They made themselves felt in the form of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and loss of appetite.But on the part of the nervous system, dizziness, headaches, significant loss of strength and drowsiness can occur;
  • sometimes there are adverse reactions from the blood-forming organs. There is a possibility of anemia and increased bleeding.

In the instructions to "Atsekardolu" indicated just such side effects. However, doctors and patients confirm that if undesirable reactions occur, they make themselves felt very poorly. Most often, the treatment is very well tolerated and does not lead to undesirable consequences.

Can I use the tool for pregnant women

Instructions for use to "Atsekardolu" prohibits the use of the tool for women during the first and third trimester of pregnancy. It is during these periods that the body of the unborn child develops most rapidly, and acetylsalicylic acid can lead to the development of various defects. Only in some cases, doctors allow you to use the drug in the second trimester of pregnancy and after the third. The tool is also prohibited to use for children, and all because acetylsalicylic acid is extremely dangerous for children's health.

The use of funds in the first and third trimester of pregnancy can lead to cleft palate, as well as to various cardiovascular diseases.

Increased dosages of acetylsalicylic acid, taken before the onset of labor, can lead to premature closure of the arterial duct in an unborn child. They are also able to provoke the occurrence of increased bleeding, both during natural childbirth and during cesarean section. It is better not to take the risk and not to take this drug immediately before the birth, as everything can end in tears both for the mother and for the baby.

Lactating women

"Atsekardol" instructions for use also prohibits the use of lactating women. The drug is able, together with breast milk, to penetrate into the children's body, and, as you know, acetylsalicylic acid has a negative effect on it. Therefore, if there is still an urgent need to take “Atsekardol” during breastfeeding, then it is best to transfer the baby to artificial feeding for the duration of the treatment with this medication.

Drug interaction

The instructions for the drug "Atsekardol" informs patients that it is necessary to combine this drug with other medicines very carefully. Since the active ingredient in its composition can significantly enhance the effects on the body of the components that make up other drugs.

what does the heart look like

The drug "Atsekardol" significantly enhances the effect on the body of the drug "Methotrexate", and this is highly undesirable during chemotherapy.

Also, the tool enhances the effect on the body of valproic acid. According to experts, this combination is extremely unfortunate and can cause significant harm to human health.

It should be borne in mind that acetylsalicylic acid greatly enhances the effect on the body of insulin and all its possible derivatives. Therefore, the tool must be taken with extreme caution to people suffering from diabetes or forced to control the level of sugar in the body for any other reasons.

Important recommendations for use

Tablets "Atsekardol" instructions for use describes as a medicine that can be bought in any pharmacy chain, without having a prescription with a seal from the attending physician.However, experts in any case do not recommend self-healing, as you can cause irreparable harm to your health.

With extreme caution also need to take this tool in order to reduce body temperature. It is best not to do this to people who have problems with the blood-forming organs. In this case, give preference to other drugs.

The instructions for the Atzecardol tablets prohibit combining the use of this drug with alcohol-containing beverages, as this may lead to the development of serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients suffering from bronchial asthma are also not recommended to take risks and take this medication, because it can simply lead to suffocation. If, however, there is an urgent need for this, be sure to consult your doctor about possible risks. Maybe a specialist will be able to choose a safer agent for you or significantly reduce the dosage.

doctor visit

The tool does not adversely affect human mental activity and reaction rate. Therefore, during the course of treatment, the patient has the opportunity to drive a vehicle.

What will happen in case of overdose

Instructions for use to "Atsekardolu" (100 mg) reports that overdose can occur even with a single use of the drug. It can lead to bleeding in the digestive organs. Also, symptoms of overdose include dizziness, pain in the heart, respiratory failure, and even coma. Overdose can lead to dangerous health problems, so it is highly undesirable to self-medicate. Usually, in the presence of an overdose, the patient is forced to completely abandon the use of the drug. In some cases, the doctor recommends a significantly reduced daily rate.

If you have the first symptoms of an overdose, be sure to contact a medical institution. There you will have a gastric lavage and will be prescribed symptomatic therapy.

Storage features

Instructions for use to "Atsekardolu" (100 mg) reports that this drug can be stored for thirty-six months from the date of its production. In this case, it is very easy to save. The ideal conditions are at room temperature. However, if the drug is still stored in conditions of high humidity, then it will begin to lose all its beneficial properties. This means that its shelf life will be significantly reduced.Keep away from children’s eyes and hands.

Are there substitutes

To date, the drug "Atsekardol" (100 mg), the instructions for which are described in this article, has a large number of substitutes. Analogs are considered such drugs, which are composed of similar active substances, and also have a similar effect on the body.

The most popular analogues of the drug "Atsekardol" are such medicines as "Aspirin", "Thrombone ASS", "Acetylsalicylic acid" and many others. The active ingredient of all the above drugs is acetylsalicylic acid, but it is contained in different dosages. Therefore, what kind of drug fits specifically in your case, you will be prompted by an experienced specialist.

All of these drugs have the same contraindications, indications and side effects. Any of them should not be taken by the child category of the population.

During the course of treatment it is very important to constantly monitor your health. To this end, you need to regularly take blood tests, feces and urine. Based on the results of such surveys, it can be concluded that the further use of the drug is advisable.

Let us dwell on each of the analogs.


Tablets "Aspirin" are intended primarily to reduce body temperature, relieve inflammation and pain relief. However, do not forget that the tool is able to resist the gluing of platelets, and therefore reduces blood viscosity. For the prevention of thrombosis, the agent is administered at a dosage of about 100-300 mg of the active substance per day. The drug "Aspirin" can be produced in the form of tablets for oral administration or in the form of effervescent tablets, which must be dissolved in water.

"Thrombos ASS"

This drug is completely identical to "Atsekardolu." Most often, it is designated as a substitute. The tool has exactly the same indications and contraindications for use as "Atsekardol." It does not differ and the dosage of the active substance.

Acetylsalicylic acid

The difference of this drug is that it can not be taken to people suffering from serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Tablets are available without enteric shell, so this medicine can not be taken for all patients.

What do doctors and patients think

The drug "Atsekardol" (instructions for use, analogues are of interest to all patients) is very popular among cardiologists. Doctors confirm that the remedy really has an excellent therapeutic effect and does an excellent job with its responsibilities. Very often, doctors prescribe this drug to patients for the prevention of such dangerous pathologies as strokes, heart attacks and thrombosis. Typically, the drug is intended for long-term use, but positive results against the background of its use occur very quickly.

Patients are also satisfied with the therapeutic effect of Atsekardol pills (analogues, instructions for this remedy were discussed above). If you follow the dosage prescribed by a specialist, side effects are extremely rare. And if they appear, they are very weakly expressed, therefore they do not bring much discomfort.

pill application

Patients confirm the fact that the fact of thrombosis does indeed decrease with the use of the drug.

Also one of the important advantages is the price of the drug. The tool is inexpensive and has a tremendous therapeutic effect.For one pack of medicine, you will have to pay only about fifteen to twenty five rubles, depending on the city and the network of pharmacies.


Before starting the course of treatment, be sure to read the instructions for use of "Atsekardolu." With which disease you can use this tool, you can find in this article. Once again, it is worth repeating that self-medicating is extremely dangerous for your health, so do not risk it.

Reviews and instructions to "Atsekardolu" confirm that this drug is really very effective and relatively safe, but it can only be taken after consultation with a cardiologist.

Take care of your health right now. High blood viscosity can lead to extremely serious consequences. Start a healthy lifestyle, eat right and exercise regularly, and your cardiovascular system will be very grateful for that. Remember, as soon as you start taking care of yourself, your body will start taking care of you.

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