Drug "Maltofer": reviews, scope, contraindications

Medication "Maltofer" - a drug used for iron deficiency and normalizes its level. The composition of the drug includes a complex of iron (III) hydroxide polymaltose. Due to its similarity with natural compounds, it actively enters the blood from the intestine, and then accumulates in the liver. The substance accumulates in the bone marrow, so the level of hemoglobin rises. The drug is available in the form of a syrup, chewable tablets or solution. If a more severe form of iron deficiency anemia occurs, the drug is recommended to be used intramuscularly. Children are usually given drops or syrup, and adults are given tablets or Maltofer solution, the reviews of which you can hear only positive. maltofer reviews

Drug reviews

Doctors often recommend the drug "Maltofer".Patient reviews of the drug prove its effectiveness. Some patients complain of nausea after taking this medication, but this does not affect its effectiveness. In some patients, nausea was caused by the action of adverse events. There are also those patients who noted that the drug did not have the desired result. Most likely, this is due to its incorrect use.

Use of the drug during pregnancy

 maltofer reviewsResearch on the effect of the drug on pregnant women has not been conducted. Therefore, it is prescribed in situations where the benefits for the treatment of the mother are higher than the potential risk to the fetus. However, the drug "Maltofer" during pregnancy is prescribed by a doctor in the case when there is a decrease in iron levels. Deficiency of this substance is normal during pregnancy. This is especially pronounced in the last months of carrying a child. There are no negative reviews about Maltofer, but during pregnancy it is necessary to take it with caution and under strict medical supervision. If the drug is prescribed to lactating women, they should remember that in small quantities it penetrates into the baby’s body with breast milk.Data on the negative effects of the drug on the child are not available.

The drug "Maltofer": drops for children

maltofer drops for childrenDrops "Maltofer" prescribed, if necessary, since the newborn age. Allowed the use of the drug and premature babies. Maltofer medication in a child can cause abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation. Other allergic reactions are possible. Parenteral use of the drug in children can adversely affect the course of the infectious process. The majority of reviews about the drug "Maltofer" sound in a positive way. Many do note an increase in hemoglobin and improvement in the child's well-being. Although some young patients have observed the manufacturer indicated adverse reactions to the drug "Maltofer" for children. Reviews of them are extremely rare and talk about an allergic reaction in the form of diarrhea. Other concerned parents note the high cost of the drug and a not very pleasant smell. In general, the drug "Maltofer" positive reviews. Considered drug is very popular.

maltofer for kids reviews

Contraindications to the use of the drug

The drug is not prescribed in cases of violation of excretion of iron, hemosiderosis, hemochromatosis, hemolytic or megaloblastic anemia, hypersensitivity to the agent. With caution you need to apply the medication to patients with diabetes. Due to its combination with chloramphenicol, the drug Maltofer can provoke the mutual deterioration of the therapeutic effects of chloramphenicol and folic acid. The drug is prohibited to combine with other iron-containing drugs. In cases of lack of folic acid, the use of the drug may cause an increase in the metabolism of phenytoin in the serum.

Side effects

The drug "Maltofer" patients are well tolerated. In some cases, there is a violation of digestion, vomiting, nausea, or epigastric pain. Increased iron content in the composition of the drug may cause darkening of feces due to the indigestion of the active substance of the drug. Of clinical significance, this process has no. Patients with kidney and liver failure, as well as people with allergies, the drug must be administered with extreme caution.In patients with cardiovascular diseases, it can cause side effects and aggravate the course of the underlying disease. High risk groups for the development of anaphylactic and allergic reactions include patients with low iron-binding capacity or folic acid deficiency, as well as patients with bronchial asthma. The effect of the drug on the ability to drive a vehicle or work with mechanisms is unlikely. Cases of overdose of the drug have not been described to date: no signs of an oversupply of iron in the body, no symptoms of intoxication.maltofer for kids reviews

Prophylactic use of the drug "Maltofer"

Perhaps the use of the drug for the prevention of iron deficiency and folic acid. In such cases, the drug "Maltofer" prescribed 1 tablet once a day. For the prevention of anemia - 40 drops once a day. When iron deficiency anemia lactating women and children from 12 years old - 20 drops per day. Children up to one year old and children up to 12 years old - 10 drops once a day. Prophylactic administration should last at least 30 days and not more than two months.

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