"The Eldest Son", Vampilov: a short summary of the work

Many people saw the film directed by Vitaly Melnikov"The Elder Son", which appeared on the screens in 1975, in which many of the most popular actors participated. It turns out that this film was filmed based on a famous work. The author of the comedy "Elder Son" and Vampilov. The brief content will help the reader not only to get acquainted with the narrative of the writer, but also to recall fragments of his favorite film.

eldest son of vampires

The beginning of the work, or acquaintance with the characters

With what begins his comedy "Elder Son"Vampilov? The brief introduces the reader to two young guys. One was called Semyon. He was a sales agent, and he was given the nickname Silva. The second youth, Busygin, studied medicine. This evening they met two pretty girls and volunteered to accompany them to their homes. Of course, secretly hoping that the evening will continue.

But the girls did not let them in, and the guys stayed onstreet. Moreover, they found that they were late for the train. So you need to figure out where to spend the night. Outside it is cold, dark and uncomfortable. Young guys, who until this moment were hardly familiar, are noticeably closer. They both have a great sense of humor, no one has a habit of losing heart. So, Vampilov's play "The Elder Son" describes two cheerful guys. They are all by hook or by crook, with humor and play, looking for any ways to find a night shelter.

Enamored pupil, or looking for a lodging for the night

Further in the work "Elder Son" Vampilovcontinues to talk about the adventures of two fervent guys and their rally. Without losing hope of finding a place to stay overnight, they saw the house of the thirty-year-old Makarska. Watching the scene as she spied the boy in love with Washuu, a pupil of the tenth grade, they also decided in turn to try their luck. But the woman also drove them away.

eldest son of vampires

The guys are completely exhausted and do not know where to go. And then they noticed how Andrei Grigorievich Sarafanov, who lived in a neighboring house, headed for Makarska. Guys thought it was a date. Finally, the opportunity to take advantage of the home of Andrei Grigorievich, so as to have a little rest and get warm.

But when they come to his house, they see the sameVassenka. The boy was rather wary about this visit. And here in his comedy "Elder Son" Vampilov - a brief content on the actions will try to convey these events as accurately as possible - he came up with a rather unusual turn of the plot.

I'm your brother, or Rally of the frozen guys

Busygin reproaches Vasya for his distrust of people, andSilva had already realized that his friend had devised a clever plan in order to deceive the boy. And, of course, he starts to play along. He tries to convince Vasenka that Busygin is his half-brother, who finally decided to find his father. Not only Vasya, but also a newly born relative is surprised. He was not determined to play the boy like that.eldest son of vampires

But Silva has already begun to develop the success of his planand persuades Vasya that we should note such an event. And sends the boy to check home supplies. In the kitchen, a table is laid and a celebration begins. And then the father of the Sarafanov family comes back, who went to Makarska only to ask to be a little bit soft with his son.

And then Andrei Grigorievich learns that he hasthe eldest son appeared. Vampilov (short content of the comedy will continue to acquaint the reader with further events) draws all of his characters into this rally.

oldest son of vampires

When it was, or Memories of Sarafanov

When the drunk Vasenka told his father abouta new brother, naturally, Sarafanov is not just surprised, at first he does not believe in it at all. He starts to remember when it was, and comes to the conclusion that such a situation is quite possible. At the time when the war was just over, he met a girl named Galina. And from her something just could be this child.

All these arguments Sarafanov heard Busygin. Now the guy feels absolutely confident. Andrei Grigorievich, asking his new son about the details of his life, gradually convinced himself that this young man was his offspring. Moreover, a loving father. And Sarafanov at this time was very necessary love this guy, who introduced himself as his eldest son. Vampilov content of his comedy continues to twist around this fictional story.

Problems in the family, and the rally continues

It was at this point in the family that everything went wrong. Vasya was flushed with feelings for an adult woman and became uncontrollable, daughter Nina was going to get married and will soon leave. And at work at the father of a problem. I quit playing in the orchestra. Now he plays music at funerals or dance floors. But he carefully conceals it from his children. But they already knew about it, they just did not want to upset their father.

The daughter of Andrei Grigorievich wakes up andlearns of a new relative. The girl was very suspicious of such a statement. But Busygin is so masterfully playing this comedy, that Nina also gradually leans to his side. All night Sarafanov and his unexpected son appeared in endless conversations. The man told him about his life. About how his wife left him, and about his musical career.

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It's time to return home, or an unexpected gift

Further in the comedy "Elder Son" Vampilov continuestalk about their trusting characters and the children who played them. Sarafanov went to bed, and Busygin and his comrade wanted to quietly leave the hospitable hosts. But Andrei Grigorievich wakes up and is visibly upset because of their sudden departure.

the eldest son of the vampire content

Busygin promised to return, and then Sarafanovannounced that he should give him a present. He gives the guy a snuffbox made of silver, which, according to him, always goes to his eldest son in their family. The young man was touched and decides to stay for another day. For this there is another reason - he liked the daughter of Sarafanov.

Between Nina and Busygin begin to emergeunclear relationship. On the one hand, they, like, as relatives, and on the other - their mutual interest began to be felt. How else will the events in the work "Elder Son" develop? Vampilov (a brief comedy continues to follow his narrative) finally confused all of his characters in their raging emotions.

A new explosion of emotions, or Appearance of the groom

Makarska, after talking with Andrei Grigorievich,decides to go with Vasya to the movies. But he finds out that after that she will have a meeting with Silva. The boy is indignant, and the woman tells that she agreed to go with him only because she was asked by Sarafanov. Vasya is again upset and is about to leave his home. Finally, the outcome of the comedy "Elder Son" should come.

play vampilov oldest son

Vampilov (the summary follows the courseauthor's presentation) introduces the reader to Nina's fiance. The usual guy is the pilot Kudimov. Good-natured and straightforward. Busygin and his friend are always making fun of the future husband of Nina. The whole company gathered around the table to celebrate the acquaintance. And here Kudimov remembers, from where he is so familiar with the face of Andrei Grigorievich. He met him at the funeral. Sarafanov admits everything to his children.

"The eldest son," Vampilov. A summary of the chapters, or Than all ends

Busygin tries to reassure Sarafanov. The pilot leaves, he must return to the barracks. Vassenka still runs away from home. Nina reproaches Busygin that he mistreated his fiancé. And then the guy does not stand, tells her not only about his feelings, but about the fact that he is not her brother. Unexpectedly, Silva returns with half-burnt clothes, and with him Makarska and Vasya.

It turns out that the boy set fire to the woman's hometime of her date with a new boyfriend. Silva is outraged. The guy demands new clothes and soon, having gathered, leaves the house of Sarafanovs. But already in the doorway he reports that Busygin is not a relative to them. Andrei Grigoryevich is upset and does not want to believe in it.

He knows that this is his son. Moreover, Sarafanov has already fallen in love with a guy and invites him to move to their house. Nina tries to object. But Busygin, having reassured everyone with a promise to visit them all the time, found himself again late for the last train. So ends the comedy "Elder Son".

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