"Lady with a dog": a summary of the story of Chekhov

Love is a rare bird that will make a nest for itself, where and when it wants, and will not look, whether it is convenient or completely out of place. About this story "Lady with a dog." The summary of the work will show how love completely changed two ordinary, not very happy people.


Dimitri Dmitrievich, 40, lived in Moscow with the gray everyday life of a philistine. He went to the service, took away his daughter in the morning to school, raised two sons. His wife, a large, tall, bassist woman, was afraid and did not like. In the company of men, he was always bored, because everything is the same: a hearty lunch, cards, small discussions, what happened at work (and what could happen interesting there?), Small gossip. Only with women he felt free and easy: the most different, they were drawn to him.


In dank Moscow autumn Gurov went to the resort. Warm autumn was in full swing. In two weeks, Dmitri Dmitrievich looked around completely and even managed to get a little bored.So begins the story "The Lady with the Dog," a brief summary of which will tell the reader that an accident, not taken seriously by him, will later change his life. It’s just that when he was walking along the embankment, he wasn’t the only one who noticed a new face: a modest lady from society, who always walked only with a white spitz and whose name nobody knew.lady with dog


One evening, when he was having dinner, at this next table sat an unknown lady. She was fair-haired, with such a hairstyle and a dress, who said that she was married, and her face showed that she was bored in Yalta. As an inveterate ladies' man, who had many different tricks, Gurov teased the dog a little. The lady, blushing, said that the dog only growls, but does not bite. Gurov asked permission to treat the little dog with a bone. Next, dinner was held in silence. So continues the story "Lady with a Dog," a brief summary of which will be about the continuation of dating. When dinner was over, they went together, talking lightly about nothing.Czechs lady with a doggieAnd Gurov had a thought in his head about a non-binding short novel. The lady said that she had been married for only two years, and Gurov, in turn, said that he sings in a private opera. They admired the calm gentle sea and the moon.And later, in his room, remembering Anna Sergeyevna, he decided that she, in fact, was not far from his daughter, angular and shy. And some kind of pathetic this lady with a dog. The summary will tell you that this is a truly helpless and harmless creature.

A week has passed

Gurov and Anna Sergeyevna walked and waited, when a steamer would approach the pier. In the crowd on the pier there were a lot of generals and old women dressed as young. Anna Sergeyevna did not behave as usual, but she talked a lot, her eyes sparkled. She seemed to be expecting something.summary of the Chekhov lady with a dogWhen everyone broke up, Gurov kissed her tightly and led her away. He remembered the women who had passed through his life, with whom he did not give happiness, and right there beside him a completely different, touching and naive one. She was full of sorrowful concerns that now she would not be able to respect herself and that Gurov did not respect her. Gurov was bored with these conversations, and he quietly and tenderly reassured her. They gathered and went to Oreanda. And they continued to go somewhere every evening, and the walks were always good.


Anna Sergeyevna asked her husband to return. She quickly got together and said goodbye to Gurov forever.And he soon left himself, home to Moscow. Briefly, without any details, Chekhov’s parting describes them. A lady with a dog (brief information about this) will never be able to meet with Gurov again.

Dreams and visions

Initially, in Moscow, Gurov was comfortable, although he remembered Anna Sergeyevna every day. He was still wondering why he seemed to her the height of perfection. He began to somehow “land”: he read despised Moscow newspapers, ate more, but neither time nor distance weathered neither walks nor Anna Sergeyevna herself, who seemed to be better and better every day. Even in the streets, he sought out women like her. At home, she looked at him from every corner. He walked around the room, and his dreams interfered with reality. This is clearly described by Chekhov. A lady with a dog (a brief summary of this transmits) raised from the depths of the soul of Gurov all the best that was in him.

A meeting

Unable to bear the languor, Gurov went to the city where Anna Sergeyevna lived. He stayed in a hotel, found her house behind a terrible fence, because of which he could not run away, and could not figure out how to see her. In the evening, just in case, I went to the theater - what if? And indeed, Anna Sergeyevna came with her husband and settled in the pit.Barely waiting for an intermission, when her husband left the hall, Gurov approached her and threw her first into a stupor. Then, taking herself in hand, she got up and walked quickly through the various corridors and stairs. They stopped. Anna Sergeyevna quickly spoke about the fact that she did not forget him for a second, and she felt very bad without him and why he had just arrived, let him leave, and she herself would be with him in Moscow. The summary of Chekhov (“The Lady with the Dog”) is not yet finished.

Meetings in Moscow

They were infrequent and unhappy. But they both attracted each other with incredible strength.summary of the story of a lady with a dogComfortably, at home she met Gurova Anna Sergeyevna in his favorite home dress, and while he was drinking tea, she told her news that her husband believes and does not believe her. We continue the summary of Chekhov. A lady with a dog and Gurov made various plans for how to combine their lives and end the entangled lies.

But that was the tragedy that two people who sincerely love each other could never be together. They are forced to lead a half-dead life, becoming people only at meetings. Sleeping life in unnecessary fetters is their daily lot. This is a summary of the story "The Lady with the Dog," telling about great love, which is given not to everyone and only once in a lifetime.

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