The fantasy and logic of the inhabitants of Russia are walking recklessly when it comes to the streets of the immense homeland. If you go on a virtual tour of the cities and villages of the country, it can amaze not only the number of streets, but also their names, positions and locations. For example, in Russia, street names can hit anyone. It is no secret that in different cities many streets have the same name. And here the most interesting begins. The most popular are the streets, the names of which are associated with nature - this is Lesnaya Street. There are not a few 158 of them in Russia. Following are the streets Garden, Park, Green and Field. No less and the names that we got from the Soviet era, just in the leaders remains Lesnaya Street. But it turns out that Soviet streets in the country, despite the fact that the Soviet Union has not existed for two decades, now there are as many as 149. It is only strange that Lenin Street remains not the most popular. It takes only 23 line. Even if we collect all the words related to the leader of the proletariat (Ilyich, Leninskaya, Ulyanov) in one group, then grandfather Lenin is only the seventh in the list.
However, the main rival of Lenin is Pushkin.If you combine all the names of the streets in which the great poet is mentioned, Alexander Sergeevich will be in tenth place.
Funny and ridiculous
However, you can walk in Russia and on such streets, which will make anyone laugh. And it's not about how the street looks and what is on it. The most interesting thing here is that in the names of some streets one cannot trace any logic. For example, in some cities streets are assigned a serial number, for example, 1st Park Street, 3rd Street of the Yamskoye Pole. Often in some cities the numbering is broken or it has an arbitrary character. In Moscow, there is a street of the Eighth of March. You can find the first and fourth. But never get to the second and third. In Samara, the 12th passage disappeared. After the eleventh the thirteenth immediately follows.
Of course, in Russia they love to give the streets complex and long names. This, to a greater extent, refers to the Soviet period. For example, the street in honor of the Baku commissars can be found in several cities, such as in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Ryazan. And, of course, this is an eternal topic for jokes. This street as soon as they do not modify.She can be called “26 Peking merchants street”, “Cuban emissaries”, “Baku samurai”.

Street Twenty-six Baku CommissarsStreet Twenty-six Baku Commissars
A lot of funny street names. That only is Individual Street in the city of Chelyabinsk. A street called “New Russian Descent” can be found in the village of Ubory, and the Sketodromskoye with Brick grooves is located in Moscow. This also applies to lanes. For example, there is a lane Majorov, Migrant, Nameless and Last.
Who's next
According to statistics, in the cities of millionaires and simply large cities the length of the street is about the same. It is nine hundred meters. But if you look for unusual streets, then discrepancies begin to appear.
The shortest street in Russia, according to some data, is located in Tula. It is exactly two hundred steps long. However, the name Korotkaya speaks for it. But here in Moscow there is also a tiny street. Venetsianova has a length of only 48 meters. However, in the capital, opinions about the shortest street diverge. Sometimes this is called the Tretyakov Passage. Another street, the beginning and end of which can be seen from one point - this is Sibstroyputi street in Novosibirsk.It costs only three houses, but its length is not more than 40 meters.
Shortest streetShortest street
But the options for the longest street in Russia are numerous. First of all, Lazo Street, which is located in the village of Razdolnoye (Primorsky Krai), can claim such a record. The street stretches across the entire settlement - as much as 14 kilometers, and, by the way, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
On the other hand, there are streets and more of this. The length of the Moscow highway passing through Samara is nearly 17 kilometers. In Volgograd, there is a second longitudinal line. The total length of its more than 50 kilometers, it passes through the entire city, it turns out its length is equal to the length of the entire Volgograd. Three highways permeate the city - the first, second and third, counting from the Volga. The 2nd Prodolnaya is the only one that passes through the entire city from the southern part of the city to the northern one. But the names 1, 2 and 3 of the Longitudinal are informal, in fact, the highway is divided into separate streets and avenues, and each was given a separate, different name. The first longitudinal consists of University Avenue, Rokossovsky and Lermontov Streets, Marshal Eremenko, as well as Cherepovetskaya Street, the 64th Army, Heroes of Stalingrad and several others. The first longitudinal is less along the length of the second longitudinal.It stretched for only 20 kilometers. By the way, the townspeople make fun of tourists that in Volgograd there is simply nowhere to get lost, there are only two streets in the city. This fact, by the way, influenced the number of tourists. They began to come to Volgograd more often and look, as a rule, both streets. After all, the First Longitudinal and Second Longitudinal are considered local attractions.
Moscow streets
Outside the competition is the Moscow ring road with a record length of 109 kilometers. This is a bypass highway, which allows access to other federal highways bypassing the capital of Russia with its traffic jams. However, it is precisely on the Moscow Ring Road that the longest congestion can accumulate. The average speed of vehicles on the highway 70-110 kilometers per hour. By the way, a certain racing driver set a record and drove through the ring road in 58 minutes.
The Moscow ring road appeared on the map of Russia and, most importantly, of Moscow in the 40th year of the last century. This highway has no intersections with other ways of transport in one level. The movement of cars is carried out in five lanes in both directions.
By the way, in September 2009, in St. Petersburg, they finished building a new section of the Sofia road. The street occupies 18 kilometers of the city on the Neva. After the opening, the governor of the northern capital proposed to include this street in the Guinness Book of Records.
The longest street of St. PetersburgThe longest street of St. Petersburg
However, if we talk about the longest street, then the difficulty is not to choose the smallest or largest number, that is, the length. The point is how to measure the street. And what to take for a point of reference, whether to take into account the fact that some streets, for example, turn into a highway.

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