The love story of the Master and Margarita in the novel Bulgakov

One of the greatest novels of the 20th century is The Master and Margarita. In this work a few plot lines. The main - the love story of the Master and Margarita. Does the heroine of Bulgakov have a prototype? Why did the author bestow the Master's beloved on this particular name?

the love story of the master and margarita

Margarita Prototypes

Regarding the history of creating the image of the main character, the researchers do not have a common opinion. However, the Bulgakov novel is one of the most controversial works in the entire history of literature. The writer created his heroine on the basis of literary sources. But in this image also features of actually existing women are seen.

In an earlier edition, Bulgakov called the hero Faust. The main female character in the work of Goethe was called Gretchen (Margaret). In the process of working on a work, the writer also collected materials on two historical figures. Namely, Margarita de Valois and Margarita de Navarre.

In the spring of 1930, Bulgakov met a wealthy married woman.The first meeting with her took place on the street 1st Meshchanskaya. Named this woman Margarita Smirnova. Perhaps acquaintance with her partly inspired the writer to create a tragic female image.

love story in the novel master and margarita

Elena Sergeevna

And yet, the main type of the heroine of the famous novel is, perhaps, the third wife of Bulgakov. It is thanks to the faithful companion prose work was published. The novel was not finished. Bulgakov lost his sight at the end of his life, and his wife wrote down the last chapters to his dictation.

Once there was an interesting case. Elena Sergeevna called the editorial board of Novy Mir, made an appointment with Tvardovsky. In the editor's office, she appeared within a few minutes after the call. When asked about the transport she used, the woman calmly replied: “Broom”.

It was Elena Sergeevna and external similarity with Margarita. She, like the heroine of the novel, slightly squinted in one eye. Anna Akhmatova was acquainted with Bulgakov’s wife, once dedicated a poem to her in which the words “witch” were written, “on the eve of the new moon”.

"I will poison Latunsky!"

In favor of the version that the main prototype of Margarita is Elena Sergeevna Bulgakova, speaks, of course, not only the resemblance, but also surprising dedication.The love story of the Master and Margarita is shrill, unforgettable. In the feelings that the heroine feels for her lover, there really is something witch. It is enough to remember the story that happened in the apartment of Latunsky.

Critics attacked, of course, and the author of the novel. His wife once, after reading an article about “Bulgakovschina”, cried out in their hearts: “I will poison Lithuanian!” The prototype of Latunsky is precisely this critic and playwright, known today primarily for his attacks on the great writer's work. In 1926 he published a derogatory article about the work “Days of the Turbins”, in which he first used the term “Bulgakovism”. In the chapters of the novel, telling about the love story of the Master and Margarita, the reader meets the word created by Latunsky: “Pilatchina”.

In contrast to Goethe, Bulgakov makes not the main hero, but his beloved contact the devil. It was Margarita who made the safe transaction. In order to meet with his beloved, she was ready to take a risk than she could. And this was the culmination of the love story of the Master and Margarita in the novel of Bulgakov.

the love story of the master and margaritas briefly


Work on the book was begun at the end of the twenties. Initially, it was called "Roman on Devil." In addition, the name of the Master and Margarita was not even in the moment of birth. In 1930, the king was begotten by the author himself. There were only a few blacksmiths, in whom there were a lot of loose leaves.

Two years later, the writer decided to return to his main work. Initially, Margarita enters the scene, and then the Master. After five years, the well-known name “Master and Margarita” appears. In 1937, Mikhail Bulgakov rewrote his poem. This is a good place for the country. Later, the writer came up with new ideas, but there were no corrections.

the love story of the master and margaritas in the novel Bulgakov


What started the love story of the Master and Margarita? The meeting of two lovers was unusually large. Walking along the street, Margaret was carrying awesome yellow flowers. Masters praised Margaret not the beauty, but infinite stability in her eyes. She was just as miserable as he was. This extraordinary meeting and laid the beginning of an unusual love story of the Master and Margarita. When analyzing Bulgakov's work, attention should be paid to some facts from the biography of the writer.He suffered from constant harassment and attack, but he transferred his feelings to the pages of the roman.

Let us return to the event from which the love story began in the novel The Master and Margarita. The first meeting of the heroes on Tverskaya, where it is always crowded, was held. But on that day, why the central Moscow street was empty. The woman asked him if he liked her flowers, but he replied that she would prefer ROSES, and Margarita threw the bouquet into the ditch.

Later, the Master will tell Ivan that love between them broke out suddenly, comparing a deep feeling with a "killer in the alley." Love was really unexpected and was not designed for a happy end, because the woman was married. The master at that time worked on the book, which the editorial board did not accept. And it was important for him to find a person who would be able to increase his capacity, to feel his soul. It was Margarita who became that person, sharing all his feelings with the Master.

Margarita came out of the house on the day with yellow flowers to find her love. Otherwise, she would have changed. A life in which there is no love is bleak and empty. But the story of the Master and Margarita does not end there.

love story wizard and margaritas analysis

Roman ο Pilate

After the meeting with the beloved, Margarita’s eyes glitter, in them a passion and love is burning. The master is with her. One day she sewed a black hat and embroidered the letter “M” on it. From this change, she began to call him a Master, advancing him, predicting him greater glory. Rereading the novel, she reiterated the soulful phrases and made a conclusion that her life was rooted. But there was life in him, of course, not only her, but also the Master.

Good luck

The writing “The Love Story of the Master and Margarita” is more often written by schoolchildren than any others written by Bulgak. The disclosure of this topic does not require deep knowledge in the mythology and history of Christianity. It would seem, what could be easier? And yet, briefly, the love story of the Master and Margarita to imitate and analyze imperfection.
Critics threw romance ο Pilate. At this happy period in the life of the heroes of Bulgakovo was over. And it was not in this that the product was not published, and the author did not receive the gator. Criticism killed everything alive in the Master. He has no more strength to live, to write. He was deprived of the ability to experience simple human joys. He forgot a lot from his former life.But only Margarita will never leave his memory. By this the writer, supposedly, wanted to say: there is nothing stronger than love, nothing can destroy it.

One day, the Master throws away a hand on Him, but his beloved snatches out of the oven what has happened. Margarita is trying to preserve their feelings. But the master disappears. Margarita is one.

The devil

Once Margarita saw a dragon who gave her hope. She felt that she was meeting with the Master. On this day, in the Alexander Garden, she met Azazello. It was he who hinted to her that a meeting with the Master was possible. But she had to turn into a witch. Life without a Master for her was a real torment, and so she went on a deal with the devil, without a second thought.

love story masters and margaritas essay


One successful meeting did not bring joy to Margarita. A master is a boy, he cannot and will not want to be happy. And then she proves to Vuland, that her beloved doctrine, that he was cured. She asks to save the Master, to make him the same. The march of Margaret Völand executes. They return to their base, where they begin to dream ο future. By the way, the master's handwriting had actually survived.Margarita sees them in the hands of Völanda, but for the last night she forgot how to be surprised. “The manuscripts do not burn,” the devil says the phrase that has become key in its work.

Already nothing can make the Master and Margarita happy. In the world of hypocrisy and lies they will always suffer. So VOland sends Azazello to them. Lovers drink wine, brought to them, and die. They do not deserve the light. But they deserve it. Master and Margarita fly away to the other world with Völand.

The extraordinary love story makes Bulgakov's novel one of the most popular works of world literature. As already mentioned, the book has several storylines. However, the story of the Master and Margarita, in contrast to the description of the events that occurred before and after the execution of Yeshua, is clear to everyone, regardless of age and literary preferences.

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