1/9 of the land area of ​​the world is Russia. It consists of contrasts: green plains, reunited with mountain ranges, lush forests and endless steppes, turbulent rivers and quiet blue lagoons of the seas.

Natural Attractions in Russia

The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka is the undisputed Wonder of the World, the second largest in terms of geysers. Water sources filled with warm water, surprising variety of colors. Malachite, pearl, pink hues gush to a height of 12 meters, amaze with a deafening roar and grandeur of the eruption. 9 groups of geysers over 6 kilometers, shrouding the slopes with hot steam, intertwining with lush green slopes and grasses, creating an enchanting spectacle.
Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka shakes imaginationValley of Geysers in Kamchatka shakes imagination
Elbrus is a dream of conquerors of mountain peaks. He is dangerous, handsome and majestic. Rising high, it resembles an ancient guard.Cold, impregnable, alluring snow-white peak, reaching to the clouds. More than 5 thousand kilometers in height. One of the highest mountains of seven continents. The most impregnable, the most dangerous, the most majestic is the great Elbrus. For 7 million years, it rises above the ground, enticing bold mountaineers with silver snowy peaks.
Majesty and beauty conquers not only nature, but also Russian cities. Moscow is the heart of Russia, the golden-headed queen, alluring with the sound of bells and the beauty of architecture.

Interesting places in Moscow

Tsaritsyno, or the Empress's little whim. Catherine II ordered to lay the park, hoping to build here his residence. Her whims were carried out without question. The palace complex, which was built for 7 years, has no equal in its beauty and greatness in Russia. The best architect of that time, Matvey Kazakov, erected a building. The best gardener Francis Reed decorated gardens and flower beds with the most beautiful and exotic plants. All for her, the Great Empress. A musical fountain with graceful bridges was erected here. A huge swan pond disposes of a small boat trip.Elegant gazebos will protect couples in love from the summer heat and from prying eyes. The building of the palace itself admires the grandeur and beauty of architecture.
Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno - an important place in MoscowMuseum-Reserve Tsaritsyno - an important place in Moscow
He did not become the residence of the Empress. She died before this beauty was created.
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Whoever did not visit this mysterious place, he did not see Moscow and did not know all of its Russian soul and culture.
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a cult place that has become a landmarkThe Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a cult place that has become a landmark
It was built 16 years. The cathedral of incredible beauty has absorbed the wealth of Russia and the unusual flavor of Italian architecture. Here is the largest organ in Russia, which in the capable hands of the master carries the triumph of life, soulfulness and greatness of Russia, the power of sublime art under the dome of gilding, endowing music with divine beauty.
Not only Russians come here to pray. Virgin Mary is the patroness of all nations, and the doors of the cathedral are open to everyone living in every corner of the planet.
The second capital of Russia is St. Petersburg. The city of fountains and bridges, which after dusk raise their “wings”, opening the way for ships and steamboats.

Sights of St. Petersburg

After marriage, the daughter of Nicholas I refused to leave her beloved city. For his beloved offspring, the king ordered to build a palace, which was truly a magnificent gift for the daughter of Mary.
The Mariinsky Palace, as Nicholas I called it, is a piece of architecture in honor of his daughter. 32 columns support the dome with decorative painting and carving. The winter garden amazes with magnificence of flowers and greens of exotic plants. The small church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, located inside the building, is conducive to privacy and fellowship with God.
Mariinsky Palace in St. Petersburg, a landmark place in the history of the countryMariinsky Palace in St. Petersburg, a landmark place in the history of the country
Despite the fact that the king gave it to his daughter, immediately after opening in 1914, he opened the doors to the public for one day in order to impress with its beauty and decoration.
The cruiser Aurora is a symbol of St. Petersburg. The volley of his gun on October 25, 1917 was the signal for the storming of the Winter Palace. It was he who served as the beginning of the struggle of the people against the royal power, the beginning of the struggle for a "bright" future. In 1948, having moored to the board on the Neva, he found eternal rest, becoming the ship-museum for generations of our modern times.
30 years to the most popular tourist route, which united the ancient cities located in the center of Russia. 100 kilometers of roads, lined up in a symbolic circle, combining objects, treasures of Russian culture.
Cruiser Aurora - a symbol of St. PetersburgCruiser Aurora - a symbol of St. Petersburg
Another attraction of the city on the Neva is the Hermitage. This is not just a historic building. According to uznayvse.ru, it is also the most famous museum in Russia.

Historical sites of the Golden Ring

The city of Vladimir is known for the Dmitrievsky and Assumption cathedrals, in which services are still held. Here are preserved frescoes, carved from stone by the famous Andrei Rublev.
Suzdal is the oldest city in Russia with a huge number of historical monuments. Curious travelers will not be indifferent to the Pokrovsky Monastery, the Suzdal Kremlin and the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin.
Kostroma with the Ipatiev Monastery of the 18th century is an open-air museum of architecture. Houses, barns and small bathhouses - everything here is the same as a couple of centuries ago. They can be touched by presenting the life of Russia in those distant times. Leaving this city, the soul is filled with peace and the magnificence that permeates these amazing places.
Ipatiev Monastery - an important place in the Golden Ring routeIpatiev Monastery - an important place in the Golden Ring route
Sergeev Pasad was founded by Sergius of Radonezh. The Trinity-Sergius Lavra was erected here. Here is the unique and only iconostasis in the world, which was written by the famous Andrei Rublev.
Rostov-on-Don is rightly considered to be the monument city of the oldest Russian city. Erected in the 15th century, it charms you with a chime of unique bells located on the high bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral.
Russia is so rich in historical monuments and architecture that it will take more than one month to admire every corner of this huge country.

Sights of Russia

Veliky Novgorod is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. Here is the Kremlin, which in 1044 was founded by Prince Yaroslav. For all these many years, it burned, it was restored and more than once rebuilt. Inside the territory of the Kremlin, which is surrounded by a brick wall, is the most ancient in Russia six-domed Cathedral of St. Sophia of the Wisdom of God, which was built from 1045 over 5 years. Until now, it held worship.
The interior of the Cathedral from the carved frescoes of the 11th century is admirable. Here is the oldest collection of icons.And inside the Kremlin itself, they opened a museum with a Golden Pantry, the collection of which includes antique items made by the best jewelers of Novgorod at that time.
The Grand Cascade at Peterhof is the largest ensemble of fountains in the world. This is a kind of harmony between infinitely pulsating jets of water and motionless statues, sparkling with gilding under the rays of the sun. A composition of 64 fountains, 255 sculptures and many bas-reliefs is a truly amazing sight.
The Grand Cascade is the largest ensemble of fountains in the world.The Grand Cascade is the largest ensemble of fountains in the world.
Peter the First personally developed the sketches of this composition, and in 1717 the best craftsmen and architects began to build. During the Second World War, this monument of architecture was almost completely destroyed. The Germans destroyed all the sculptural compositions, bas-reliefs and hydraulic structures, giving water to the fountains. Many bronze sculptures were taken by invaders to Germany. And only in 1947, thanks to the work of restorers, the Grand Cascade was restored and again became as Peter the Great intended it.
The beauty of Russia can be praised endlessly. But there is a landmark, which considers every tourist who visited the country to visit.

The main attraction of Russia

The Moscow Kremlin is a symbol of Russia. Its area is 27 hectares. On its territory built 6 cathedrals and 6 palaces. This place is of historical and architectural value, where every corner breathes its own history. Currently, it is considered the largest fortress of the continent and the only object that has survived to this day in such a beautiful state.
Moscow Kremlin, perhaps, the main attraction of the countryMoscow Kremlin, perhaps, the main attraction of the country
A century and a half ago, all the buildings were snow-white, and the domes and turrets were decorated with gilding. It acquired its bright red color after 1880. The expert commission of the world, which is engaged in the assessment of architectural attractions, estimates the cost of the Kremlin at 50 billion dollars.

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