Brave naturalistic researchers have worked on birds and pets, and even engaged in wildlife. Their offspring is the fruit of the quaint passions of various kinds. What wonderful animals settled on this list?

Famous Hybrids

At the end of the 19th century, hunters who practiced the use of birds of prey began to think about breeding them in captivity. Shortly before World War II, the Master of the Order of German Falconers Rein Waller received offspring from peregrine falcons, and his followers - artificially bred Saker Falcons. But what if not every creature in a pair? In the 1970s, Irish ornithologists Stevens and Morris, having crossed a peregrine falcon and a Saker Falcon, received the first hybrid bird. Subsequent experiments brought even more entertaining results.


Feathered creation, born of the union of the Peregrine Falcon and Merlin, is famous for its hunting abilities. This falcon, very popular among English aristocrats, helps in catching small birds in open spaces. Its main prey is partridges, larks and pigeons.The name “perlin” is derived from the addition of the first two syllables of the parent breeds: peregrina (peregrine falcon) and merlin (merlin).
Perlin - the bird received as a result of crossingPerlin - the bird received as a result of crossing

Eagle hybrid

The recent experiment of the Petersburg falconer Sergei Shchegolkov was followed by the ornithologists of the entire planet. Having crossed the burial eagle and the golden eagle, he received an elegant bird of prey. As long as a golden eagle, the tail helps to maneuver well, and a wide swing ensures high speed. The hybrid has passed the test in the winter hunting and is now used for catching hares.

Mixture of bullfinch and canary

In 1961, an article appeared in the German magazine Deutsche Gefliigel Zeitung, describing a captive chick and bullfinch chick bred in captivity. The calf's lower half was rusty red in color, and its wings and tail were brown. Foreign experience was able to repeat only once. As the scientist Boris Manteuifel proved, crossing tropical birds and forest dwellers is not easy.


From the Arabic, the name of a small colorful bird that appeared from a goldfinch and a canary is translated as “rogue”. Banduki can easily become the decoration of any home.They inherit a greenish back and a yellow breast from a bright canary, and an orange mask around a beak from a goldfinch. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to obtain offspring from such hybrids.
Benduk Hybrid of Goldfinch and CanaryBenduk Hybrid of Goldfinch and Canary
Breeding birds is troublesome and ungrateful. Much more interesting to do the creation of new, unusual pets.

Cross breeding pets

Having chosen two animals with similar genes, scientists try to get offspring with better qualities than their parents. Most often the crossing is fruitless, but sometimes very cute pets are born.


In 1998, a study by the American Veterinary Association showed that more than 300 thousand volkozobak live in the United States. The combination of two related species is very productive. Thus arose the Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. Even German shepherds have in their pedigree and wolves and dogs. The only disadvantage of such a genetic intervention is the unpredictable behavioral and physical characteristics of a toothy cub.
Wolfhounds don't always serve peopleWolfhounds don't always serve people


In appearance, livestock, born of the incest of domestic cow and yak, resemble a horse with a horse tail. Its weight exceeds three centners, and the milk cow in the village can envy the amount of milk. Hainak is very popular in agriculture of Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal. Samtsizo have good endurance and are used to transport goods, and females bring 9 calves more for life than the usual heifer.

Camel llama

On January 14, 1998, the world learned about a new inhabitant of the Asian barnyard - the camelum. Scientists have tried their best, carrying out artificial insemination of animals that are different not only in size but also in their habitat. The cub of the inhabitants of South America and Asia has a long, like a camel, tail and short ears. His strong legs are able to withstand the longest journey through the desert.
The hybrid of a camel has turned out very hardyThe hybrid of a camel has turned out very hardy


In 2001, the list of the International Association of Cats was supplemented by a new registered breed. The savannah, which appeared as a result of the crossing of an African serval and the usual Murka, is very devoted and affectionate. This animal, characterized by huge ears,You can drive on a leash and even train.
But the most daring and insane experiments were conducted on non-domesticated representatives of the fauna.

Wild animals hybrids

At the beginning of the XIX century, the owners of zoos, dreaming to attract the public, began work on the creation of strange creatures. In 1837, the first known hybrid history of the feline family was introduced to Queen Victoria in India.


The animals, born of a mother tigress and a lion father, are considered the largest cats in the world. The height of the ligature of Hercules living in Miami is about 3 meters. Although these animals rarely produce offspring, in 2004 two little liglets were born in the Novosibirsk Zoo. By the way, tigrolvs, which are the result of crossing a lioness and a tiger, on the contrary, are distinguished by their diminutiveness.
The child of the lion and the tigress ligre is the largest catThe child of the lion and the tigress ligre is the largest cat


In 2006, Jim Martell, who was hunting in the Canadian territory of the Arctic, shot a marvelous beast. A corpse identification in the laboratory of British Columbia confirmed that this grizzly and polar bear cub was born without human intervention.Hybrid bear cubs were born earlier - for example, in the zoo of the German Halle back in 1874.
Peasley's bear is obtained by crossingPeasley's bear is obtained by crossing

Killer bee

The experiment on the crossing of European bees with species from Africa is known for its sad results. 26 families born in the laboratory of the University of Rio Clara, broke free and for many years terrorized the whole district. 150 people and hundreds of animals became victims of bites. Even flamethrowers did not save monstrous hybrids.
It is difficult to list all the creations created by an inquisitive mind and hard work. But this creature knows both old and young.

The most famous animal hybrid

A mixture of mares and donkeys, called the "mule", was used in the Middle Ages.
Mule is the most famous hybrid animal.Mule is the most famous hybrid animal.
Mules accompanied conquistadors in the conquest of America and transported guns during the Civil War. And now this pack cattle, inherited from the mother speed, and from the father - endurance, is very popular in the economy. Although mules do not produce offspring, they can work up to 40 years.
Many animals are surprised, and not only the species obtained by crossing. The site is.

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