Reality TV shows are enjoyed by TV viewers all over the world. Their participants are stars and ordinary people, but in fact, and in another case, the rating of the program can be extremely high.

Heroes of reality shows can be ordinary peopleHeroes of reality shows can be ordinary people

Popular intellectual reality shows

Intellectual reality shows are a certain exercise for the mind, a game for which you can simply watch or take a passive part in it, by yourself carrying out the tasks of the participants.


The program "Polyglot" was held on Russian television is a huge success. The essence of the competition is learning a foreign language under the guidance of a polyglot and an interpreter in just 16 lessons.
In the show "Polyglot" stars were at their desksIn the show "Polyglot" stars were at their desks
Each season is dedicated to learning a particular language. In the first season, the participants learned English, in the second - Italian. In the third season we got acquainted with the basics of French, in the fourth - Spanish.The fifth season taught them German, and the sixth - Indo-Aryan and Indo-European (Hindi and Urdu). The show participants were celebrities who previously did not know foreign dialects at all or only remembered the basics of the school curriculum.


In America, the audience fell in love with the intellectual reality show "Candidate". In this program, participants are tested for their mental abilities, setting challenging tasks and puzzles, testing ingenuity and erudition.
Trump's "Candidate" show is popular in AmericaTrump's "Candidate" show is popular in America
The most gifted participant gets the opportunity to get a job for a billionaire, the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, who is among the ten most successful and wealthy people in America. Accordingly, the salary in the service of such an employer is also significant. Thus, this show is a kind of interview with a probationary period, because the billionaire himself is leading the program.
The show "Candidate" is popular both in the West and in RussiaThe show "Candidate" is popular both in the West and in Russia

Entertainment reality show

The reality show format involves working without repeated duplicates, the absence of a hard script and the simulation of special conditions.Perhaps these are the basic rules, and then everything depends on the authors' imagination. In fact, in an entertainment reality show, you can turn literally any situation: from finding a job, to shopping and solving problems of survival.
Casting on the show "Just Business"Casting on the show "Just Business"

Reality show "The smartest model"

An interesting combination of evaluation of beauty and mind came up with the creators of the reality show "The Smartest Model" in America. Rachel Murphy and Mike L. Taylor undertook to refute the prevailing opinion that God cannot give a girl both mind and beauty. To do this, they collected all the models that do not mind demonstrating their intellectual abilities, and began to check their IQ level.
Reality show "The smartest model"Reality show "The smartest model"

The most famous foreign shows

The most inventive and creative producers and directors to create interesting reality shows are Americans. All the most popular programs in the world are analogues of their projects: “Fear factor”, “X-factor”, “Bachelor”, “So you can dance”.

Family show "Julian and Bill"

According to TV viewers, the most famous American show is considered to be "Julian and Bill", in which a married couple share their problems by conceiving and carrying a child. A young girl was diagnosed with breast cancer.She needs to undergo chemotherapy and have surgery to remove the tumor.
Family show helps to find a solution in a difficult life situationFamily show helps to find a solution in a difficult life situation
It is categorically forbidden to have a child in such a state, so the couple decided on a surrogate motherhood. Throughout the show, viewers watched the difficulties and victories of the young couple in achieving their goal.

Culinary show "Hellish Kitchen"

One of the most popular culinary reality shows is “Hellish Kitchen” and its analogues in various countries of the world. The basis of the transfer is the idea of ​​disclosing culinary talents among professionals and amateurs in the face of fierce competition and psycho-emotional stress.
The kitchen can be hotThe kitchen can be hot
First, the participants are divided into teams. Following a series of contests, the losing team must remove one of its representatives. But in the middle of the transfer team game is replaced in the individual, in which everyone fights for himself. The winner receives a cash prize and the chance to work as a cook in a prestigious restaurant.

Reality show of fashion and beauty

The most popular is the reality show of fashion and beauty "American Top Model".Participants compete with each other for the opportunity to create a career in the modeling business. The first episodes are filmed in America, and in the second part of the show, the participants travel to the most beautiful cities of the World: Paris, Tokyo, Milan, etc.
The reality show "Top Model in American" has a Russian equivalentThe reality show "Top Model in American" has a Russian equivalent

The most famous domestic shows

Russian television is full of a wide variety of reality shows, so everyone can choose a project based on their preferences, and, perhaps, become a participant.
Casting for the project "House-2" - a serious testCasting for the project "House-2" - a serious test

"House-2" - the longest-running reality show

Of course, speaking of the projects, the “long-livers” of Russian television, one cannot help but recall Dom-2, which Ksenia Sobchak, Ksenia Borodina, Olga Buzova and others became the leaders. hit the Guinness Book of Records as the longest reality show in the world. The goal of the project is to find a soul mate and win a dream house in the Moscow region. Under the terms of the show, the participants are in a certain area with a constant camera sight. They fall in love, break up, create families and have children.
The TV project “Dom-2” beats records of popularity and duration.The TV project “Dom-2” beats records of popularity and duration.

Extreme show "The Last Hero"

"The Last Hero" and his follower of the reality show "The Island" began their history since 2001. According to the rules of the project, participants are planted on a deserted island for 40 days, completely depriving all the achievements of civilization. Their task is to survive on the island, getting their own food, water, and equipping housing. In addition, they participate in mandatory competitions. As a result, the last hero receives a cash prize. Usually, ordinary people become participants in reality shows, but season 3 consisted entirely of Russian television stars. The final prize was then won by Vladimir Presnyakov.
Participation in extreme shows is not all under forceParticipation in extreme shows is not all under force

Ice shows

Popular figure skating shows "Stars on Ice" and "Ice Age" have been loved by viewers since 2006. The concept of transmission is the competition between greenhouse skaters. Moreover, one partner from a couple is a professional, and the second is an amateur. Some of the participants before the project never stood on skates. During this time, several leading, a lot of judges and professional athletes changed on the ice show, but the constant chairman of the jury is the legend of world figure skating - coach Tatyana Tarasova.
Ice show with the participation of stars collect multimillion audienceIce show with the participation of stars collect multimillion audience

Mystical show

Since 2007, lovers of mystics and paranormal phenomena have been watching the verification of psychic abilities of clairvoyants in the reality show “The Battle of Psychics”. By creating various tests for them, skeptics determine the strongest possessors of the sixth sense. The project’s popularity is so wide that it is often psychics who turn to people who are desperate to find answers to their questions and are asked to understand the causes and circumstances of a particular event in their lives.
The first test on the show "Battle of psychics"The first test on the show "Battle of psychics"
The reality show can be seen in the TV program every day, but not broadcast on Russian television. The series "Guiding Light" according to consists of 15,762 episodes. It lasted more than 50 years.

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