The most scandalous "trader obscenity" Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt was born on the first day of November 1942 in a remote little town in the Baptist family, lost in the vast expanses. The boy grew up an ordinary, lively child, he did not pray very diligently and attended a parochial school. Nothing then foretold that it was this little boy who in the future would have to thoroughly shake up American morality, becoming the messiah of the US pornographic industry.

Beginning of the road to fame

In early adolescence, Larry Flynt was finally tired of the provincial-Protestant routine of life in Lakeville, therefore, barely reaching the age of 15, he joined the army, where he was selected to serve in the navy. There, a young man gets an engineering education, but he attracts a young man completely different. So in 1964, he becomes the owner of a strip club in Ohio,and literally in six years, it has nine establishments of a similar profile throughout America. These were the first steps in his future successful business.Larry Flint

“Obscenity Trader”

Larry Flynt in 1974 takes another win-win decision - initiates the creation of a porn magazine Hustler, not afraid to compete with Penthouse and Playboy. Soon, the magazine had its own readership, as well as advertisers interested in promoting goods. Circulations of the glossy edition grew with enviable consistency, especially the dizzying success of the magazine contributed to the appearance in one of the issues frank photo shoot Jacqueline Kennedy. While Flint exulted, counting the profits, the clouds of righteous wrath of the Puritan-minded public began to thicken over him. In 1975, a criminal case was opened against him for alleged violation of the state social morality law. Everything seemed to be against Larry Flynt. However, the court found the businessman innocent, taking the side of Flint.

Three years later, the publisher was assassinated by the ardent racist murderer Joseph Franklin, who motivated his act with a protest against Flint's propaganda of interracial sex relations.Larry Flynt managed to survive, but as a result of his injuries, the man was left for life in a wheelchair. The attacker was arrested, and the servants of Themis sentenced Franklin to death, but Flint urged the judiciary not to carry out the sentence.people against larry flint

Something like a hobby

Subsequently, lawsuits become something like a hobby for Larry. Among the many high-profile scandalous trials, there is a trial between Flint and pastor-preacher Jerry Falwell, who, as a model, was later included in a jurisprudence textbook and positioned by the media as a process called “The People Against Larry Flint”. The case went to trial in the US Supreme Court, Larry won the case thanks to the first amendment to the Constitution.larry flint actor

Well deserved title

In the 80s, a so-called obscenity war broke out in America, in which three of the most famous porn sites “fought”: Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse. And again, Larry Flynt found himself in a winning light, risking to publish in his gloss erotic photo sessions of women who are non-standard for such subject journals. The artful move of the businessman was appreciated by the publicAnd Larry Flynt received from the media the title of "King of spectacular sex."actors and movie roles people versus larry flint

Drama with elements of satire

In 1996, a biographical drama “People vs. Larry Flynt” (IMDb: 7.30) by renowned director Miloš Forman was released. The picture caused a strong public reaction, but despite this was highly appreciated by film critics. The film received two nominations for an Oscar and was awarded the prize of the Berlin Film Festival. On the whole, the film rather reliably reflects the real biography of the magnate, although there are still some minor amendments. The creators kept silent about the five Flint offspring and about the three wives before marriage with Althea Leiser. Also in the tape of a person who attempted to assassinate the main character, one does not find that it fundamentally contradicts reality.all against larry flint


The actors and the roles of the film “People vs. Larry Flynt” were chosen by the creator in agreement with the millionaire himself, but the producers left the last word behind them. For example, Flint wanted Michael Douglas to embody his image in the cinema, and actress Ashley Judd, who suddenly passed away his wife Althea. Also in the casting for the main male role was Bill Murray and Tom Hanks,nevertheless, Woody Harrelson ("Natural Born Killers", "Welcome to Zombilend", "The Hunger Games", "Seven Psychopaths") was approved as a result of long disputes. From it turned out gorgeous Larry Flynt. The actor, to get used to the image, spent a lot of time in the private house of Flint. The men talked endlessly, and Larry was extremely frank with Woody. The scandalous publisher’s spouse was played by the lead singer of the popular Hole group, rock singer Courtney Love (“200 Cigarettes”, “Man on the Moon”, “Sons of Anarchy”). Edward Norton (Fight Club, Kingdom of Heaven, The Incredible Hulk) had to reincarnate as lawyer Alan Isaacman, by the way, this character became a collective image of several real Flint lawyers. Larry Flynt himself volunteered to play the role of Judge Morrissey in the film, who at one time sentenced the prisoner to 25 years ’imprisonment. The decision was reversed following an appeal by lawyer Isaacman. This moment, its causes and consequences are particularly detailed in the film.

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