The property right of citizens - what is it?

We study the Civil Code

The property right of citizens in accordance with the Russian legislation is determined by article 209 of the Civil Code. It states that the essence of this legal concept is the ability to dispose of your property, as well as own and use it. However, there are certain limitations on the actions of this or that person with his or her belongings. For example, one cannot use property in such a way that it violates the laws, interests of other citizens or negatively affects the environment. The latter relates mainly to the ownership of land or other natural resources.

ownership of citizensWhat actions can be performed?

Citizens' property rights include such actions as transferring property to other people, pledging or trust management. The flip side of every right is almost always some responsibilities.For the property, it is envisaged to bear the burden of maintaining it on the owner, as well as to impose on him the risks of death or damage (in the event that the other is not provided for in the contract or legislative acts).

Property Types

The right of ownership of individuals, as well as the same right for a number of legal entities, is a right of private property. In addition to it, there are still such forms of property ownership, such as state, municipal, etc. Citizens can own an unlimited amount of property, except for such, which an individual cannot own. First of all, this applies, for example, to radioactive substances and other similar objects, the ownership of which is strictly limited by law.title deed

How does it appear?

The right of property of citizens to one or another type of property arises for various reasons. For example, if you yourself have done some thing for personal use, then you have the right to own it. In other cases, it appears after the execution of the contract of sale, by inheritance or as a result of donation.The situation with objects is somewhat more complicated, for example, in the housing sphere.

Interesting features

The right of citizens to immovable property arises from the moment of state registration of such property. However, this rule applies to a number of movable objects (cars, etc.), if the law requires such registration. Interesting is the process of acquiring such a right to find. If you find something, you can contact the police or local government to report the fact of detection of the thing.individual ownershipIn the event that the owner of the item is not installed within six months or does not come after him, you can become the new owner of your find. However, if the original owner appears, but does not take his property, it will become municipal property.

How is this right confirmed?

When we talk about a document confirming the ownership, here every time you need to refer to that section of legislation that relates to one or another type of property. For an apartment it is mainly a certificate of state registration.

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