Biography of Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis is a legendary musician who is distinguished not only by his enormous talent, but also by his unlimited supply of creative energy. Today he is seventy-eight years old, but the cult performer is still all awake and full of energy. He records new songs, gives concerts and incessantly works on the implementation of new creative projects. And this approach brings its result.
Today, like many years ago, the concerts of Jerry Lee Lewis gather thousands of people. But what is the secret of such impressive success? We will try to understand this today by presenting to your attention a short story about the life and creative fate of a great musician.

The early years, childhood and the family of Jerry Lee Lewis

As reported in most modern sources, our today's hero began playing the piano in early childhood. Literally from the age of ten, he methodically picked up chords, and also learned from his cousin, Mickey Gilly (now a famous country singer).Sometimes he also took lessons from visiting teachers, but such cases were quite rare.
Jerry Lee Lewis in his youthJerry Lee Lewis in his youth
Due to the fact that the Jerry family was extremely religious, this quality was soon passed on to him. From the earliest years, he dreamed of being a clergyman, and therefore, after graduating from school, without hesitation, he entered the South-West Bible Institute in Texas. Here he continued to improve his musical skills. However, studying at a Texas university was not long for him.
The reason for the deduction, oddly enough, was music. The thing is that during one of the performances, the young musician had the idea to perform the composition “My God Is Real” in the style of “boogie”. Soon he successfully implemented his plan. But such an idea seemed not to the most successful to the teachers of a religious institute. The song was called blasphemous, and very soon our today's hero was expelled from the university.
Realizing that the priest’s career is, to put it mildly, “not his,” Jerry Lee Lewis decided to devote his life to his hobby - music. In 1954, our today's hero recorded two cover songs for a Louisiana radio station.The songs went on the air, and this small success made the young musician believe in himself.
Trailer of Jerry Lee Lewis "Great balls of fire"
In the fall of 1956, he arrived in Memphis and arranged to audition at one of the local record companies. The musical talents of the young guy were appreciated, but his repertoire was recognized as “not relevant”. The thing is that in that period rock and roll was the most fashionable and most sought after style, but in the Jerry repertoire there were only country-style compositions. Representatives of Sun Records asked the musician to review their musical style a bit, and Jerry Lee Lewis had no choice but to agree.
It is worth noting that our today's hero wrote the necessary compositions soon enough. “Rock and Roll” “End Of The Road” brought the indescribable delight to the chairman of Sun Records, and he later spoke of the young musician as “the new Elvis Presley”.
It is noteworthy that the ability to easily switch from one style to another later became one of the characteristic features of Jerry Lee Lewis’s musical creativity.

Star Trek Jerry Lee Lewis

In 1958, our today's hero presented his first studio album to the public, which received the modest name “Jerry Lee Lewis”. Several songs from this record very soon got into active rotation of all radio stations in North America and some time later became real hits.
In the late fifties, the musician went on a long tour in the cities of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Career singer developed rapidly. However, in the second half of 1958, a serious scandal erupted around his popular musician, connected with his marriage to his thirteen-year-old great-niece Myra Gail Brown. Because of this incident, many concerts of the singer in Europe were canceled. No less cold reception Jerry Lee Lewis waited and at home.
Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin Going On (Live 1964)
Because of the outbreak of scandal, our today's hero for a long time was blacklisted by all radio stations. His concerts were canceled, and newspaper publications about him and his work were mostly critical.
Only in 1963, the musician managed to get out of a long peak. During this period, he again began to give concerts, and on US radio stations, the songs from the second studio album of the musician (“Jerry Lee's Greatest”) began to sound.Soon, Lewis again began to tour a lot. During this period, not only American and Canadian cities, but also German and English cities became frequent points of his tour.
In the first half of the sixties, our today's hero signed a contract with the company Smash Records and began active studio work. Subsequently, he released several albums a year, and in 1971 he again managed to record a “golden single” with the symbolic title “Would You Take Another Chance on Me”.
Since then, the career of Jerry Lewis has developed rapidly. In the period from the 71st to the 2013th year, he recorded about forty (!) New albums, the last of which - the compilation “Sun Recordings: Greatest Hits” - was released in 2012. Almost every studio record gave the world at least two or three real hits.

Jerry lee lewis now

Currently, Jerry Lee Lewis is still as energetic as it once was. He often performs in various cities of Europe and North America, and also works on the implementation of several new studio projects.
In 1986, our today's hero was included in the top ten members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Directly or indirectly, the life of the legendary musician is described in two biographical films at once.

The personal life of Jerry Lee Lewis

The novels and marriages of Jerry Lee Lewis can easily become a topic for a separate article. For the first time to go under the altar now legendary musician happened already at the age of fifteen. His wife was the daughter of a local priest. The reason for the collapse of this marriage was the above-mentioned romance of the performer with his juvenile niece.
Jerry Lee Lewis Married His Young NieceJerry Lee Lewis Married His Young Niece
The conjugal union with a young girl lasted 12 years and later also fell apart. In the future, our today's hero five more times decided to tie the knot. Some of these conjugal unions fell apart by themselves, and some were interrupted by chance.
So, the fourth wife of the musician drowned in the pool, and the fifth died of an overdose. In early 2012, the 76-year-old musician got married for the seventh time. Jerry Lee Lewis’s new wife was his nurse, who at the time was 62 years old.

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