Tincture of calendula acne: reviews on the application. Does calendula tincture help acne?

Since olden times, Calendula has been famous for its healing properties. In folk medicine, the flower is used to treat almost all known diseases. The plant has received particular popularity due to its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Water decoctions and infusions are prepared from the dried herb of the marigold, pounded fresh flowers are used to prepare ointments. But more often for medical purposes, calendula tincture is used, which is very much appreciated due to the effects of acne treatment.

Meet Calendula

Before using a plant for treating acne, it is worth exploring how calendula tincture from acne helps. Reviews shared by those who have tried this tool are very positive.Many claim to get rid of the problem.tincture of calendula acne reviews

To achieve a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to clearly define the type of skin before using the preparation prepared on the basis of calendula. The correct treatment will help choose a beautician. Experts do not deny the effect that calendula causes acne. Reviews of beauticians are positive. Experts do not deny that many people, using various special creams, did not get the necessary result, and the problem receded in front of a simple folk remedy.

The unique creation of nature

Incomprehensible in nature, nature has created a beautiful plant in its properties, which does not count the merits.

Calendula tincture helps against acne at any age. It is only important to remember that the appearance of acne is caused by a disruption of the body’s work, and in order to achieve complete recovery, it is necessary to get rid of the problem as a whole, eliminating its causes.calendula tincture application for face

Another advantage in the treatment of calendula has been noticed - this is the possibility of using the remedy to combat problem areas on the body, as well as on the face. Therefore, there is no need to look for various recipes that help in the fight against acne - just use calendula.Truly a miracle calendula tincture! The use of this tool does not take much time and does not require effort - this fact can also be attributed to the positive properties of this plant.

What effect does calendula tincture have on acne treatment?

How does calendula tincture from acne help? Use for the face of an alcohol solution of this plant will relieve from many problems.acne calendula reviews

The tincture has an anti-inflammatory effect and consists in the ability to remove inflammation foci in their embryo, reduce their scale, and in some cases prevent their appearance.

The second important healing property that calendula tincture has is disinfection, that is, cleansing and disinfecting of the skin.

The third property is a regenerating effect. Even in ancient times, calendula healed wounds and scars.

How do the ingredients of the herbal preparation work?

Medicine has long known the effect of this plant, aimed at narrowing the pores. The composition of calendula includes carotene (vitamin A), due to the effect of which markedly reduced secretion of subcutaneous fat.Thus, the use of calendula tincture is acceptable for women with oily skin, because if less sebum is produced, there will be fewer rashes. Everyone knows that oily skin is the result of clogged pores in which bacteria enter, and the skin becomes inflamed, which leads to acne.

Also included are the essential oil and malic acid, which significantly eliminates bacteria and has a regenerating effect.

Alcohol has a disinfecting effect and dries, and the active components of the flower accelerate the regenerative processes of the skin, showing an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Due to this effect, the wounds are cleared faster and do not fester. The drug heals damaged skin and, most importantly, it prevents the formation of scars.

How is the best result achieved?

But it is worth making a reservation that the calendula does not always quickly save acne. Reviews on this score are similar. During the first three or four days you can observeslight exacerbation of the problem. Deep acne protrudes outward, and a significant amount of white spots appear on the face, which are provoked by the formation of pustules.But despite these inconveniences, then the skin is cleared, and it becomes smooth, and the complexion evens out.calendula tincture helps against acne

Cosmetologists advise, in order to achieve a better result, to wipe the face with calendula tincture at least twice a day. If you are confused by the presence of yellow spots that remain after applying the drug on the forehead and cheeks, then you can limit the use (wipe once for the night). Also during the treatment is better not to use foundation, powder and other cosmetics.

The healing properties of the drug for the body

The back and shoulder area often suffers from acne as much as the face. The problem is associated with excessive secretion of subcutaneous fat, which clogs the pores. As a result - the emergence of comedones. The accumulation of fat leads to the formation of inflammatory foci. Since a significant amount of the sebaceous glands in humans is concentrated on the back and shoulder area, these areas are most exposed to rashes.tincture of calendula acne reviews

Our body does not breathe under clothes, there is constant friction, as a result of which the skin is exposed to bacteria, which cause acne.

And here may also be useful tincture of calendula acne. Reviews on the body have become the reason for the frequent use of the drug. Cosmetologists recommend lubricating problem areas with tincture solution at least two or three times a day. Herbal preparation can be used in combination with other means.

Home acne treatment

Medicinal tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. How to prepare the tincture of calendula at home?homemade calendula tincture

There are several ways to make it that are important to share.

In the first case, you need to pour two tablespoons of fresh flower petals into a glass dish and pour half a glass of alcohol or vodka over them. Then the dishes are covered and put in a dark place for a period of at least a week. After the time the tincture is filtered, and it is ready for use.

In another case, calendula pour a forty percent solution of alcohol or vodka, then add twenty milliliters of water and a little cologne. The prepared solution must be put in a dark place for seven days. After that, it should be added five grams of a five percent alcoholic solution of boric acid and a few drops of glycerin.Here is ready calendula tincture! The use for the face of the obtained product is the wiping of problem areas with a cotton swab moistened with a diluted solution of an infused medicinal plant.

Other remedies with calendula tincture in the fight against acne

You can also make a mash that contains alcohol tincture. Before applying the tool, you should consult a dermatologist, because it has a pronounced aggressive effect and is not suitable for use if the skin is sensitive or dry. To prepare you will need the following ingredients: calendula tincture, salicylic alcohol in the amount of 50 ml, 30 ml of boric acid, 5 g of medical sulfur, a pair of crushed tablets of Levomycetin. All components are mixed in containers and placed in storage in the refrigerator. Problem areas should be lubricated with a cotton swab, and the procedure should be repeated several times a day.wipe your face with calendula tincture

For greater effect, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to the calendula tincture. Application should be done pointwise. This tool will help to get rid not only of acne, but also of scars.

Daily cosmetics based on tincture of calendula

Beauticians are advised to use more and calendula lotion. The value of this tool is that the components of the lotion allow you to gently cleanse the skin without overdrying it and without causing irritation. For self-cooking at home will require one cup of warm water, one tablespoon of tincture and a spoon of honey. Then all the components are mixed until the honey is completely dissolved. The resulting lotion wipe the face or make it compresses. You can use this tool after removing makeup.

In its composition calendula tincture contains special substances - aromatic retinoids. Their effect on the skin is manifested in the fact that they normalize the process of sebum secretion. Therefore, it is so effective tincture of calendula acne. Application: tincture should be diluted with water, keeping the ratio of one to forty, and wash several times a day. The result is not achieved immediately, but after three weeks, but it lasts for a long time, and the wait will be justified.

Proper use is the key to success.

It is also important to know how calendula tincture from acne is used.Instructions for its use is very simple. The drug can be used in different ways: burn acne solution, make compresses from it, or just wipe the face.

For use, the tincture must be diluted in a ratio of one to three and treated problem areas. Apply the solution pointwise with a cotton swab.

Calendula has a regenerating effect on the skin and helps to get rid of even the persistent stains left by deep acne. Calendula provokes active blood circulation and promotes rapid tissue repair. But there is one "but"! Alcohol desiccates the skin a little, so too often apply the tincture of the skin is not worth it.

Calendula tincture is a help from acne. Popular opinion

In folk medicine, calendula tincture for acne is widely used. Feedback from people have become evidence of the beneficial effects of plants on the skin. As practice shows, the use of tincture of this amazing by nature plants gives a quick effect. In addition, its price is available to all.

In most cases, the use of calendula tincture is marked by positive reviews.and only in some cases there are negative characteristics associated with the misuse or overdose of the drug. Not in all cases to achieve the desired result helps tincture of calendula acne. Reviews of side effects, too, there is, but the culprit, most likely, the wrong dosage or contraindications. As a result, skin dryness and allergic reactions may occur.

However, side effects are rare. And the healing properties of the plant and the means created on its basis are real value.

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