Treatment of midge bite drug and folk

In the spring, when it begins to bloom and turn green, the season of picnics, hiking in the forest, on the river, pond and trips to the country opens. However, along with rest and positive emotions, such a pastime can be dangerous to some extent. It concerns the midges, which will happily bite you. Well if you just spoiled the rest. However, in most cases it threatens with allergic reactions, after which it is necessary to treat a midge bite.

What does a midge look like?

Small insects are small insects whose size does not exceed 3 mm. The color of the calf is usually gray. However, when a bite, the midge begins to change its color due to its filling with blood.

They all have wings, even those that feed on the blood of mammals. On them are the patterns of dark color, which give them a grayish tint.

midge bite treatment

Bites this insect due to the presence of the oral apparatus. It consists of:

  • meaty shell;
  • "Knives" that are inside this shell;
  • upper lip;
  • proboscis (he can prick and suck blood).

It is precisely because of these "knives" that the midge bites through the skin. A person feels pain during a bite. At the site of injury, the victim may feel burning and sharp pain.

In the place where the bites occurred, you may notice red spots. These are the midges who drink blood, so the wounds become red. Moreover, treatment is required bite midges.

medical treatment of midge bite

The midges develop from larvae, which somewhat resemble white worms or small caterpillars.


In a word, quite a large number of different species of insects are combined. According to some data, blackflies are more than 4000 species, and some of them are found only in certain geographical areas. In our country, about 200 species have been identified, but only 4 of them can be dangerous to humans.

Why does the bite of a midge become dangerous?

A midge bite can be unpleasant and cause some discomfort, but there is no reliable evidence that these uninvited guests can tolerate pathogens of various diseases. However, it definitely leads to the appearance of an unpleasant reaction of the body, therefore, treatment of a midge bite is required.For some, this is a common rash, but severe allergic reactions are possible that cause unbearable itching.

treatment of midge bite in the eye

How to remove swelling after the bite of midges?

The composition of the saliva of midges is special. It includes histamine. It is he who is the cause of severe itching, and that is why it is necessary to treat the midge bite in children and adults. If it is almost impossible to prevent the bite itself, you can avoid the development of severe edema after this.

Improve immunity by using vitamin B may help.1(or thiamine). It has an antihistamine effect. The dose for an adult victim is about 200 mg, the number of doses per day - 2 times. You need to drink it during the meal. It can be used for prophylaxis if you are planning a trip to nature in advance, preferably 2 weeks before. Once you significantly strengthen your immunity to the effects of histamine, the dose can be slightly reduced. This will avoid those situations where the need to treat a midge bite in the eye or in any other area of ​​the body.

If you are sure that the risk of an allergic reaction is increased, you can remove the swelling from the bite of midges with antihistamines. However, before this, it is imperative to undergo a consultation with a doctor.

gnawing bite treatment at home

Treatment of midge bite at home

Despite the development of pharmaceuticals, many people are struggling with the bites of midges with folk remedies. The most popular and yet very effective are the following ones:

  1. Soda, diluted in water at the rate of half a teaspoon to 1 tbsp. water. This solution must be lubricated bite. In addition to it, you can use a slurry of soda, in which you need to add a little mint oil.
  2. Laundry soap also saves from severe itching. For this purpose, dark soap is used, from which it is necessary to prepare a solution and treat the bite site.
  3. A mixture of vinegar and salt will help alleviate the condition of a person after meeting the midges. The proportions of these two components are equal. The resulting mixture should be rubbed bite. You can use pure vinegar in the form of lotions.
  4. It is required to apply liquid ammonia or medical alcohol on the cotton wool and wipe the bite site directly.
  5. The dandelion leaf needs to be crushed, and take only freshly picked, which is still filled with juice. Then the resulting mush should be applied to the affected place. For convenience, you can use either a bandage or a plaster.Every 3 hours you need to change the tool.
  6. Broth veronica drug also perfectly relieves swelling and discomfort. It should be strong and concentrated. The tool is used as a compress, which should be changed regularly.
  7. Onions are used not only in cooking, but also in alternative medicine. For example, with the bites of midges. And preparing is simple. It is necessary to cut the onion in half and attach to the affected place. Then fix it all with a bandage.
  8. Plantain is the best known remedy for various skin lesions. And from edema after a bite, he can also save. The leaves of the plantain need to chop, and then impose on the bite. Gruel can be safely replaced with a napkin, which is dipped in the juice of the plant.
  9. Parsley will save you if you rub it before extracting the juice, and then fix it on the affected place in any way.

treatment of midge bite in children

Drug treatment, or What you need to take with you

The treatment of the bite of the midge is medicamentous too. It is not always possible to find even available means for eliminating the consequences of an unpleasant contact, but there is always an opportunity to prepare a special first-aid kit that is intended for a trip to nature. What should be in this first aid kit? How is the treatment of nasal midge bite?

  1. Treatment-and-prophylactic means, for example, "Rescuer" or "Boro-plus." There are no substances in these preparations that make them contraindicated for use by pregnant women or during lactation. But in their composition necessarily include thermal water and trace elements (zinc, cuprum), which can quickly relieve irritation and swelling after the bite of midges.
  2. Homeopathic creams are distinguished by their high safety and efficacy. However, you can buy them only in specialized pharmacies.
  3. A hormonal remedy is necessary if you are the owner of sensitive skin, because the bites of midges can cause severe irritation, which is very difficult to eliminate. The means should be selected by a doctor who will carry out all the necessary tests and carefully examine your allergic reactions. Do not be afraid to use them, because with strict adherence to the instructions and prescriptions of the doctor, side effects can be minimized.

Can the midge bite be avoided?

It is quite difficult to control the bite of a midge during nature, sometimes it is almost impossible. However, to minimize the likelihood of this is realistic, observing certain rules:

  • use mosquito nets or ordinary nets for protection;
  • during the hike, process all clothes and tents with special sprays, which include synthetic pyrethroids;
  • take mosquito coils or insecticide flashlights with you;
  • you are not on the street in the morning and in the evening, because at this time the midges are the most active;
  • midge bites depend on the activity of the moon, consider this when planning trips out of town;
  • wear lightweight but long-sleeved clothing.

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