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Turn on awareness: LOST WEIGHT

This publicationabout the causes of excess weight. I myself went through this experience, having first had 12 kg of excess weight, realizing the reasons for its occurrence, first in myself, and then in my practice with others, and working through them.

All the psychological causes of excess weight, and as a result, fat deposits are hidden in our unconscious. And while we do not pull them out, we can walk endlessly in a circle of diets, restrictions, temporary weight loss and its new increase.

So,Turn on awareness.First of all, determine your normal weight using any of the available formulas and the difference between real and normal weight. This difference is your excess weight.

Take it.Without accepting the fact that excess weight is present in the body, and that it is harmful to health, giving additional stress to all organs of the body, and is a repository of toxins, there is no point in going further.If you have thoughts of justification in your head, for example, that “there must be a lot of good people” or “this is my personality, which distinguishes me from everyone else concerned, looped, of the same type”, etc. - this means that there is no awareness and acceptance of the real situation.

Remember the period in which your weight began to increase. What did you experience then? What states, what emotions?

Excess weight is almost always associated with compensation on the physical level, of something missing, to which there is an emotional peg:

It may be a loss of a close one.a person, a child, an animal, to whom we had strong feelings, and the lack of which the body is trying to compensate (compensate).

What to do if you have identified this option? Determine what emotions you felt towards the one you lost, what emotions he gave you. Thank him for being in your life and giving you these emotions, andlearn to give yourself these missing emotions(it may be love, tenderness, caress, etc.).

Excess weight can be a compensation to a collapsed business, loss/ job changes, especially if the previous job was in high positions, loss of significance.In my case, weight gain began precisely as compensation for lost importance, due to changes in professional activities. Thus, body fat began to fill the unconscious desire to be significant, noticeable, significant.

At the physical level, this compensation for the lack of significance was manifested in an increase in body weight (weight, visibility). If you have identified this option, then start writing a diary of your achievements and become aware of your value and significance. Write all that you have achieved in material and spiritual terms, starting with the first self-awareness in childhood. Thank yourself for each achievement, tell yourself the words and phrases that you wanted to hear from others.

Excess weight may be a safety compensation., and as a result, the creation of a protective fat layer (shell). In this case, the extra weight is the distance that a person holds in relation to the outside world. If you have identified this option - realize what you are afraid of, what you are fencing off, protecting yourself.

Overweight can be a compensation for missing positive emotions., and praise from others, especially if in childhood the promotion of good behavior was anchored by something sweet (chocolate, cake, etc.).And here, eating sweet, compensate for the lack of positive emotions and approval from others. If you have identified this option, realize what words and emotions you lack, and start giving them to yourself.

Extra weight can also be a compensation for several missing components.For example, security, significance and lack of positive emotions, or in other combinations.

And of course, within the limits of one publication it is difficult to cover all the causes of excess weight. This problem requires an individual approach and study. There is a proven and effective way to get rid of it.find reasons for all the consequences that create excess weight,trace the entire cause-effect chain and realize where it came from and what it led to. And then comes the opportunity to change everything.Everything that we realize loses its influence on us.

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