The people, maybe, who knows where to find in St. Petersburg V-belts for agricultural machinery? It is necessary to replace the transmission V-belt in the grain dryer, and I can not find a suitable one in any specialized store.
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Answered on June 26 22:43
Contact your authorized dealer about the V-belt. Yes, most likely, it will not be fast, but most likely the belt will be available. But even your grain dryer is unlikely to come in handy in the coming weeks. There is still enough time to harvest.
Answered on June 26 23:16
And what is your Zernosushilka? Maybe you like Optibelt V-belts? You can see them in this online store, it just works in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. In general, if you have a lot of agricultural equipment that is not of the first freshness, that is, without a manufacturer’s warranty, then you better save it to your bookmarks.
Answered on June 26, 23:31
Forget about high-quality technology! Do you think agricultural machinery manufacturers make money selling it? No, they earn that after purchase you will repair it for many years.

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