Vityaz Bay: description, recreation, reviews. Rest in Primorsky Krai

In Primorsky Krai you can find about ten special bays, on the banks of which remarkable events took place. Among them is Vityaz Bay, where you can have a great vacation at the recreation center, but those who like to explore the monuments of the past that are in the bay will also be as impressive as those. For tourists and divers, it is interesting to untouched nature and several dozen dive sites that are considered the best in Primorye.

Geographical location of the bay

In the southwestern part of the peninsula there is a bay, which is about 3 km long and 1.5 km wide. The bottom of the bay is sandy, as the depth of the sea increases to 40 meters. It is open only to the westerly wind, which slightly stiffens the water and raises small waves. Mostly in the bay is dry and sunny weather. At the exit from it, on the right, there are islands of Tarantsev, next to which there is a stone dump - a favorite place for diving with holidaymakers.In Vityaz Bay there is the highest point on Misty Mountain - it is 550 meters above sea level. Misty is located in the forest part, in the southeast of the peninsula. In sunny weather, you can see the ball locator.

Vityaz settlement

In the corner of the bay is the village of Vityaz, which is one of the recreation centers in the Primorsky Territory. During the beach season, more than two dozen recreation centers and boarding houses operate in Vityaz Bay. People come here not only to swim in the warm clear sea in summer, but also to wander through the forest, gathering mushrooms.

Knight Bay

Fans of fishing will also be pleased with the catch. Here the flounder and squid are well caught. Hiking lovers will appreciate the nature of Primorsky Krai with its pine forests and sea views.

For those interested in sightseeing, tourists are organized sightseeing tours of interesting places:

  • around the house of Count M. I. Yankovsky, an outstanding scientist,
  • on the artbattery at Cape Gamow - a monument to the history of Soviet times,
  • to the lighthouse of Gamow,
  • to the mysterious bays of Astafieva, Salvation, Medium.

The recreation center "Neptune"

It is located in the village on the coast. Specializes in summer holidays in Vityaz Bay.Accommodation vacationers provided in several ways. The base has 10 houses. In each of them - two rooms with toilet, shower and hot water. Separate rooms and equipped with double beds, there is an ottoman, refrigerator, TV, kettle. Bed and bath amenities are provided. The room accommodates 3 people. The cost of living includes three meals a day. In the diet necessarily present seafood.

Another base has a comfortable hotel, which has double, triple and quadruple rooms. They surrender without inclusion in their cost of nutrition. Food is prepared by the campers themselves in the equipped kitchen (only for hotel guests). Vacationers are provided with a stable mobile connection and Internet (Wi-Fi). Pets are allowed for an additional fee. The recreation center service includes the provision of gazebos for barbecues and barbecues, a guarded parking lot and a sauna.

"Oak key"

In Vityaz Bay, Primorsky Krai, there is a year-round recreation center "Oak Key". It is designed for 30 people and is focused on family holidays. Since races to the base are organized all year round, three two-story cottages are built of stone. The base is located half a kilometer from Vityaz Bay in the forest zone.

A two-storey six-room cottage welcomes guests all year round. There are 4 furnished bedrooms on the 2nd floor. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, a living room with upholstered furniture and a TV, a kitchen with a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a stove, kitchen furniture and kitchenware. Sanitary area for each bedroom.

In other cottages (4 rooms in one and 2 - in the second) receive guests from May to October. They are also equipped with everything you need to stay vacationers.

knight bay reviews

Catering and additional services

On the basis of the "Oak key" in the summer, guests are provided with 3-time complex meals, which are included in the price of housing in the cottage. There are in the village shop with the necessary food products, snack bar, barbecue, kiosks. In winter, meals are not included in the price, and, if necessary, are charged separately. It is understood that in the winter cottage there is a kitchen, and you can cook yourself.

The stay of animals is coordinated with the administration and is paid additionally. Parking of personal vehicles is organized on the territory of the base. Families with small children up to 2 years old are accepted if all the rooms in the cottage are fully purchased.Additional services at the recreation center include the use of a sauna for 4 people and a swimming pool with sun loungers. In the rental there are masks with snorkeling tubes.

Recreation center "Alder"

Another year-round recreation center is located in the village. Her cottages with a view of the bay are located from the coast at a distance of 200 meters. The beach area stretches along the coast for a kilometer. Its width is 15 meters. Accommodation arrived on vacation in the cottages. Made of wooden beams, they resemble log cabins.

rest in the Vityaz Bay

Both cottages are double decker. That cottage, which is designed for 21 people, on the first floor has a three- and four-bed rooms. They have all the necessary furniture for the rest. On the second floor there are four triple rooms. In two of them from the veranda there is a view of the sea, in the other two - towards the forest. Each room has a fridge and a toilet with a washbasin and a hot shower.

The cottage for 10 people also consists of 2 floors. The first one is with superior rooms with a large veranda. On the second floor there is also a room with improved layout and more comfortable, with a spacious balcony for up to 4 people.

The base provides guests, having a rest in the summer season, with three meals a day, which is included in the price. Coming on vacation from autumn to spring, travelers can use the kitchen, which has everything you need for cooking. She is in the first building. There is a bath and a pool with fresh water. Free parking. You can solve the issue of living with a pet (cat or dog) for an additional fee.

Vityaz Bay recreation center


Bay Vityaz like almost everyone who wants to relax from the city bustle. There are always a lot of tourists on the bases. This is an indication that everything is well organized.

Those who come to the bases of the Vityaz Bay enjoy exactly the rest - that’s why people go to distant lands. Food at the proper level and there is always a fish. Comfortable accommodation, cleanliness in the rooms and the ratio "price-quality" suits vacationers. Reviews about the rest of almost all positive. The main thing, many say that this is a good place for family holidays. Complaints except on a dirt road that leads to the bay, where all the bases are located. After the rain in a passenger car is difficult to get.But it is rather a complaint to the local authorities, and not to the administration of bases.

How to get to Vityaz Bay

At the recreation center, which are located in the bay, usually get on public transport. From the Vladivostok bus station to Andreevka, there is a regular bus number 521. Then you can take a taxi to the village of Vityaz or, if you're lucky, be someone's companion to the base. On the road it usually takes up to 5 hours.

Vityaz Bay Primorsky Krai

You can also get to the village of Vityaz first by ferry from Vladivostok to Slavyanka, and then by taxi or with fellow travelers.

You can drive your car from Vladivostok along the Vladivostok-Ussuriysk highway. Currently, almost all motorists in cars have navigators. It will be the best option - to use an indispensable gadget for travelers.

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