Vlada: the meaning of the name for the girl and the origin

When the family is expecting a child, the first thing parents and relatives want to know first is his gender, and then pick up some beautiful and rare name for him. When choosing, some parents focus their attention on making it sound beautiful, but those who are wiser will try to know in advance the meaning and origin of the name. After all, as they say: "As you call the ship, so it will float." Indeed, the behavior and character of a person is largely dependent on the nickname given by parents. What is the meaning of Vlad's name for a girl? It is very beautiful and consonant, and most importantly - rare.

Vlad's name value

Vlad's name: meaning, origin

All Vladas celebrate their birthday on October 7th. The name of Vlad (the full name of Vladislav) has Slavic pagan roots and comes from the word vladi, meaning “to own” or “command”, and the attached slav means “glory”. Everything is translated as “owning fame”, or “glorious mistress”.

Immediately felt in this name character and will. By the way, Vlada is an abbreviated form of the nickname Vladislav, created in honor of the Serbian king. Vladislav can also be called Lada.

The meaning of Vlad's name for a child is already hinting at a very inquisitive, active and restless person who will play pranks and have fun with friends. And the girls of Vlada can always fight off the bully boys, which is also very important in life, especially in adolescence.

Meaning of the name of Vlad

Vlada: the meaning of the name

The personality of Vladislav will depend largely on her upbringing. If parents gradually teach the child to read good books and self-knowledge, then, already growing up, Vlad will not give his parents any trouble. Then the very meaning of Vlad's name for the girl will predetermine to her that she will be calm, confident and, must be, a very intelligent girl who will always strive for self-improvement.

However, if parents will be guided only by material values, then a very, very selfish and capricious nature can grow out of it.

The meaning of the name Vlad also says that the owner of this nickname has good makings of a leader.Vladas will love to feel superior over others, and in the end they will definitely want to take authoritative positions.

The value of the name of Vlad for girls


Women with such a name are for the most part very beautiful, sensitive, and have delicate charming sexuality. This lady always has a lot of fans. The meaning of Vlad's name (female nickname) reveals in her the data of a skilled lover due to her ability to enchant. Therefore, the lack of men she will not feel. And Vlad attracts him not only with his sexuality, but also with his relaxedness. She easily starts a relationship with a man she likes, and without any embarrassment Vladislav can offer her phone number in order to continue and further a new acquaintance.

In her attitude to a partner, she will look for an opportunity to give herself to her feelings completely. She loves brave, reliable and self-confident men. The intimate relationship of Vladislav will not be put off until later either. However, to cross this line, she needs to understand for herself that this partner can be trusted.

Paying attention to the meaning of the name of Vlad, you understand that intimate life for her is very important, and sexual compatibility for her is also very important.For the sake of good sex, she is ready to meet even with a man who will not stand in her perspective for marriage. However, it will not spread about all these relations, since she does not like to devote her friends to intimate details.

Family and Children

Returning to the topic “Vlad: the meaning of the name”, I would like to note the factor that for Vladislav an early age for marriage is not a hindrance at all. Therefore, they often marry early. However, this marriage quickly disintegrates quickly. And now, in the second marriage on the old mistakes, she will learn and will try not to repeat them. Therefore, Vladas are often in the second alliance very happy.

Vlad's name meaning and origin

Vlada loves his children very much and gives them a lot of attention in the educational process. This means that they will study with them in different training and developing programs, and if necessary, they will be recorded in different courses or circles. By the way, Vlada, among other things, is also very good housewives, they cook beautifully, looking for interesting and original recipes for their households.

Work and business

Vlada can’t tolerate monotony in her work, and therefore the routine of the gray working days of the week will seem to be not entirely for her. It is important for her to perform responsible and important work.She needs to feel that she is a very valuable and indispensable worker.

They make excellent qualified employees of senior positions, directors, chief accountants, managers and engineers. They are free to realize themselves in trade or teaching, as well as achieve success in the design, modeling and even music.

Characteristic name of Vlad

What is most interesting, Vladislavs are often very smart, ambitious and hardworking. They have a developed imagination. However, they have hurt pride, they perceive all problems as very painful and close to their hearts. And even the smallest of troubles can knock them out of a rut. Such vulnerability and excessive emotionality sometimes prevents them from living in peace, and on this basis neuroses may arise or even depression may develop. Such conditions may require the intervention of qualified doctors.

Giving your child Vlad's nickname (the meaning of the name is already a little described above), you need to understand that it will leave a certain imprint and, most likely, the child will not be phlegmatic and calm, but will become a restless hurricane.

The meaning of the name Vlad for the child

Features of Vlada

And yet Vladislavs are quite positive and optimistic women. In every situation, they immediately see the pros and cons, and they almost always outweigh the pros, although their nature is not without its rigidity and stubbornness. Vlada is free to defend his opinion and rights. Due to her hardness, she can achieve her goal, and the dream of her life is to be successful.

As noted earlier, Vladas are quite emotional and have the ability to provoke a conflict with both close people and colleagues. The situation can be complicated by the strong desire of Vlada to show his leadership and thereby subordinate everyone to his will. Such women should do exercise for endurance and learn to endure, because in this way you can avoid a huge amount of disputes, quarrels and offenses.

A great sense of humor is added to her charisma. She herself can play tricks with pleasure and loves to see this ability in others. In general, no one will be bored with her.

If we talk about such quality as hypocrisy, then it is practically absent from Vlada. All her emotions can always be read on her face, she does not even try to hide them.

Does not like to lie and deceive Vlad. The meaning of the name suggests that she will not like to play, as they say, in undercover games.

Talismans, Symbols and Signs

From the stones of Vlad it is better to choose aquamarine. She is patronized by the planet Venus. The pigeon and the cat are the talismans of the name. Colors - yellow-blue, green. Plant - iris. The number of souls - 5.

The meaning of the name of Vlad is female

The name has diminutive forms - Vladka, Vladok, Vladushka. There are derivatives of this name - Slava, Lada, Lava. And abbreviated - Lala, Vladya, the boat. There are options such as Vlad and Vladislavka.

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