Singer and composer Vladimir Kuzmin celebrates his 55th birthday on May 31. Since childhood Kuzmin was fond of music, he wrote his first song at the age of six. Independently having mastered the guitar, he began to perform in various amateur groups at school. Entered the music school, where he studied playing the flute, violin, saxophone.
In 1977, after graduating from the music school, he began working at the Nadezhda radio station. Shortly thereafter, Kuzmin was invited to the more popular "Gems", where he worked for almost a year.
In May 1982, Kuzmin organized the rock group Dynamik, which included the former members of his previous group Carnival.
In 1983, the "speaker" was the best ensemble for the year. In the fall of 1985, the group broke up, and Kuzmin became the lead singer of the group (Theater of Song) Alla Pugacheva "Recital" and the stage partner of the famous singer.

In the photo: Vladimir KuzminIn the photo: Vladimir Kuzmin
Pugacheva and Kuzmin began to appear often together on television screens, Kuzmin's songs began to sound on the radio, and the television filmed several video clips on his songs.Balladas, love lyrics and traditional variety performances that bring commercial success have replaced the compositions written in rock-and-roll style.>
Officially, Kuzmin was married three times: the first time at the poetess Tatiana Artemyeva, the second - an American, a model from Los Angeles, Kelly Korzon. With actress Vera Sotnikova, the singer lived in a civil marriage. Since 2001, Kuzmin has been married to Ekaterina Trofimova.
From marriage with poetess Tatyana Artemyeva, Kuzmin had three children: Stepan, Sophia and Elizabeth. In December 2002, the daughter of Kuzmina Elizaveta was killed. As the investigators said then, the cause of the girl’s death was a knife wound to the neck. Very soon the main suspect in the murder was identified - 18-year-old boyfriend Vladimir Liza. At the first interrogation, he confessed that he had killed her during an argument.
December 18, 2009 at a fire in his own apartment on the 18th floor of a high-rise building Stepan Kuzmin was killed. Escaping from the fire, he tried to go over the curtain to the window of the neighbors of the apartment, but, unable to restrain himself, broke and died. The fire in the apartment of the son of a musician, according to preliminary data, occurred as a result of negligence when smoking died.
Sophia Kuzmina is a graduate of Star Factory-3, an ex-member of the Tutsi group. In September 2008, when asked about the fate of his daughter, Kuzmin replied: "He is studying, preparing the album." Kuzmin also has a 22-year-old daughter Martha (according to the singer, “from a woman with whom he was not signed”) and a 21-year-old son, Nikita.

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