Vulgar warts on the hands, finger, face or foot - photo, treatment

Jul 18, 2018

Vulgar warts on the hands, finger, face or foot - photo, treatmentPhoto: Vulgar wart on finger

Usually, warts do not deliver pain or discomfort, but can significantly spoil the appearance of a person, especially if they are located on open parts of the body. The most common form of these growths is vulgar warts, which are also called vulgar warts. What is it, what is the reason for their appearance, and how can you get rid of them?

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Vulgar warts - What do they look like( photo)?

An ordinary wart looks like a rounded outgrowth with a rough surface, on which there is no cutaneous pattern. Usually they are formed at once a few, the largest of them is considered maternal. The color of warts can be very different: corporeal, brown, yellowish, gray, there are neoplasms and other shades.

Vulgar warts - How they look( photo)Photo of vulgar warts

The size of the growths can also be anything - from a few millimeters to one and a half centimeters and more. Such warts are located mainly on the hands and feet, very rarely located on the face.

They do not deliver pain, but if vulgar warts are located in places where friction occurs, then uncomfortable sensations still appear. For example, if you appear in the armpit, neck or other places where you can rub clothes, shoes, or if irritation occurs with excessive sweating of certain areas.

A vulgar wart on the foot due to the constant pressure of the shoes becomes similar to corn, therefore only an experienced dermatologist can diagnose this formation.

Diagnose an ordinary wart by external signs, sometimes a dermatoscopy procedure is performed.

Reasons for the appearance of

Causes of appearancePhoto: Gym

Ordinary vulgar warts are caused by human papillomavirus. Infection penetrates the body through minute cracks in the skin, scratches or other damage. You can get infected by contact with a sick person or with an object that was used by a sick person.

These can be items of clothing, personal hygiene, children's toys. It is even easier to get infected in places of common use: swimming pools, sports sections, gyms, in the gym classroom, etc.

In addition to infection from the outside, there is also self-infection, for example, vulgar warts on your hands can promote the spread of the virus to other parts of the body with washing or shaving.

Once in the body under favorable conditions, the infection begins to multiply, and later manifests itself in the form of education on the human body.

Human papillomavirusPhoto: vulgar wart at the foot

Statistics show that the human papillomavirus is present in organisms of 90% of the population of our planet. However, not everyone has warts and papillomas. It turns out that a person with strong immunity the virus does not appear externally, because the body effectively fights the virus.

But it is worth the immunity to decrease, as the virus immediately makes itself felt, it is activated, begins to multiply actively and is manifested by the formation of growths.

A simple vulgar wart in μb 10( international classification of diseases) has code B07 and refers to viral warts.

smokingPhoto: smoking

A decrease in the protective properties of the body occurs for the following reasons:

  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • frequent stressful situations;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • presence of an inflammatory process in the body;
  • improper nutrition, which leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • alcohol abuse, smoking and other bad habits that reduce immunity;
  • overwork, physical or neuro-emotional.

Often the formation of ordinary warts occurs between the ages of seven and fifteen. According to statistics, about 10% of children of this age are faced with the appearance of warts. The presence of minor injuries, common toys, gyms in schools are favorable factors for the penetration of the virus into the young organism.

Treatment of

Quite often vulgar warts pass independently, in the period from several months to three years. Therefore, if single warts do not deliver uncomfortable sensations, you can expect that it will disappear by itself. Treatment of vulgar warts is necessary in such cases:Treatment

  • if the education for this time has not disappeared, but the beginning to expand;
  • if they began to interfere with traffic;
  • if warts interfere with writing and doing other work with your hands, for example a vulgar wart on your finger, especially a large one, will not allow you to hold a handle or perform accurate work;
  • if education is regularly traumatized;
  • build-up delivers cosmetic discomfort.

Since the cause of the appearance of warts is the virus, the treatment should be complex: the physical removal of warts should be combined with taking measures to improve the protective properties of the body, which shows the use of antiviral and immunomodulating agents.

Treatment of warts is performed using the following methods:

  • with medication;
  • by surgical intervention;
  • treatment with folk remedies or alternative methods.
Drug treatment
  • IsoprinosinePhoto: isoprinosine

    take tablets: isoprinosine, groprinosin - it has antiviral effect;

  • is performed by external treatment of growths with solutions of Solcoderm, Feresol, Super Chistotel, which exert necrotic effect on wart tissue;
  • burning salicylic patch Salipod, salicylic acid contained in it, destroys the structure of education;
  • treatment of build-up with a pencil to remove warts;
  • Immunomax injections;
  • treatment of the surface of the build-up with cream or ointment with antiviral action: oxolin ointment, Panavir;
  • reception immunomoduljatorov for increase of protective properties of an organism: an interferon, anaferon, immunal and others.

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Surgical treatment of vulgar warts

It is used in the case of active growth of warts, as well as when there are cosmetic problems. This treatment allows you to get rid of the growths in the shortest possible time by various methods:

Surgical treatment of vulgar wartsPhoto: Removal of vulgar wart by laser
  • Laser removal ofis the main method of surgical treatment of warts to date. Under the influence of the laser beam, the formation practically evaporates on the eyes, a crust remains on the place of the wart, which will eventually disappear, this is a very effective method of removal. If you have a vulgar wart on your face, this method will be the most optimal, because after its application there will not be the slightest trace of the build-up.
  • Cryodestruction.When removed by this method, the wart is exposed to liquid nitrogen, the temperature of which is minus one hundred degrees. As a result of this exposure, the tissue of the formation is frozen, a bubble appears, after the opening, a new skin appears in a week. The wart is removed in one procedure, the treatment is absolutely painless.
  • Electrocoagulation,in which the wart is burned by high-frequency current. After the procedure, only the crust remains, which will later disappear. The procedure is rather painful, therefore anesthesia is used in its procedure.
  • Scalpel removalis performed under local anesthesia. This is a painful and traumatic way to remove formations, recently it has been used very rarely, with very large growths.

Folk remedies

Wart treatments are usually applied at the initial stage of their appearance, when their size is only a few millimeters, not more than the size of the match head. To have a positive result, folk methods are used for quite some time.

Photo of vulgar warts, before the beginning of treatment by folk methods, and after itPhoto of vulgar warts, before the beginning of treatment by folk methods, and after it

Photos of vulgar warts, which show growths before treatment by folk methods, and after it, convincingly prove that the use of herbal remedies can be very effective, with the growths disappear, And harm to the body when using natural ingredients no.

All folk methods pursue the same goals as the basic treatment: getting rid of the wart and strengthening the protective properties of the body.

Consider the most popular ways to get rid of formations:

  • Natural disinfectants onions and garlic can very qualitatively destroy growths. To apply the compress, it is necessary to peel onion and garlic, peel onion on a small grater, chop garlic with garlic, mix both components, apply to the wart and fix for 40 minutes. To get the best result, it is recommended to repeat the procedure up to five times a day.
  • Garlic from wartsPhoto: garlic from warts

    You can use only garlic, for which you need to lubricate the build-up with the juice of garlic or apply a cut garlic plate, fix it with adhesive tape and repeat this procedure daily. A month later the wart will disappear.

  • Even old warts can be removed with a 30% hydrogen peroxide solution. It is enough to moisten the cotton swab in the solution, put on a build-up on the face and keep one - two hours twice a day.
  • You can try to get rid of the wart with a potato tuber, which should be rubbed together with the peel, put the gruel onto the growth and leave it to dry. By the way, mixing potatoes with hydrogen peroxide will give even better result.
  • Very good results give the use of celandine juice. Moreover, this plant is equally effective for removing various types of warts, not only vulgar. This method involves regular lubrication of the wart with plant juice, 3-5 times a day. If you make an extract or tincture of celandine, then treatment can continue throughout the year. And not only during the flowering of the plant, when its juice acquires pronounced therapeutic properties.

You can also make compresses from the crushed fruits of red mountain ash, treat warts with sour fruit juice: apples, lemons.


Do not forget about the prevention, which should be daily:

Active and healthy lifestylePhoto: active and healthy lifestyle
  • wearing comfortable shoes;
  • compliance with personal hygiene rules;
  • wearing underwear and socks made from natural fabrics;
  • avoid supercooling;
  • getting rid of bad habits;
  • active and healthy lifestyle;
  • balanced nutrition.

The child should also be accustomed to meeting these requirements. By sticking to this lifestyle, you can be sure that these ugly formations will never appear on your body.

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