We do listogib do it yourself

Listogib is a machine that is widely used in the national economy in such industries as instrument making, mechanical engineering, construction and others. Take at least the masters who are engaged in the manufacture of door and window covers, frames, make facing fronts of roofs. For them, the tool with which you can quickly and efficiently bend sheet metal from different angles will be simply indispensable. Since the construction of this machine is simple, almost any “handy” master can make a homemade sheet bending machine.

Selection of materials for listogib

Listogib do it yourself

First of all, you need to go to any base that sells metal products, and buy the metal you need for the bending machine. In this case, the metal footage is selected based on the length of the future machine. It will need a channel, and preferably with a large cross-section. After all, it keeps the whole structure. You also need to buy a few corners of different sizes and pipes. These materials will be made frame, swivel and pressure beam.Also, when choosing a rental in order to make a manual sheet bending machine with your own hands, you should take care that it is not deformed. It should be as even as possible. After all, the quality of the sheet bending machine and the products it is planned to produce on it will depend on this. Even in order to connect the swivel elements (swivel and pressure beam) with the body into a single structure, we will need canopies and hinges, and for the clamping we need to purchase hinges. Also for the clamping beam will need to buy an aluminum rule. All these products are sold in hardware stores.

Listogib do-it-yourself - we make a pressure beam

Now that you have all the necessary materials, you can proceed to the installation of parts of the sheet bending machine. We start with the clamping beam. It is mounted from two corners and rules. First, the corners are cut off, while their length is the working length of the future bending machine. Then a rule is established between these corners. Moreover, the lower part of the rule lies on the inner side of one of the corners. And the second corner is already set to the outside on its upper part. In this case, the second side of the corner must be located in the middle of the width of the rule, perpendicular to it.This gives the structure additional rigidity. Then you need to weld the corners together, and fix the rule with bolts.

DIY sheet bending machine - mounting the frame

Homemade listogib do it yourself

To build the frame, you need the largest of the purchased angles, a large pipe and a channel bar. Moreover, the length of the angle and the channel should be greater than the working length of the sheet bending machine by two pipe widths. A side shelf is made of a pipe. Its length should be such that between the rear wall, made of a corner, and the front, made of a channel, the pressure beam can be placed together with the sheds. After adjusting the dimensions of the parts, you can begin to assemble the frame. To do this, we take a channel, put it on the side, turning the inside to us. From above, on its edges, we fix two pipes. Moreover, the edges of the pipes and the leading edge of the channel must match. And on the top of the pipe set corner. It should be located along the far edge of the pipes, with the outer vertical side facing us. Now all these details need to be fixed and welded. Also, making a sheet bending machine with your own hands, you should expose all its elements as accurately as possible. Still below the edges of the channel need to weld two corners.They will give the frame stability and will serve as the legs of the sheet bending machine.

Installing the clamping beam on the frame

After the frame is ready, it will be necessary to install a pressure beam on it. To do this, the front edge of the channel should be combined with the nose of the rule and fix the beam in this position. Then the canopies are welded between the back wall of the pressure beam and the corner of the frame. Next you need to make a clamp. To do this, you need a pipe for the handle, hinges and a corner of a small section. And the length of this corner is the same as that of the clamping beam. On one side of it you need to drill several holes under the hinges. Moreover, their number depends on the length of the machine. Next, on the back wall of the frame, we weld the hinges, and to them - the presser corner with the edge on which there are no holes. Then part of the hinges fasten on the corner with nuts. And the second part of the hinges must be welded to the pressure beam, in the corner of its upper corner. And the welded and bolted hinges must match. Further they need to be pulled together with long nuts. Also, these nuts need to adjust the clamp, checking its performance.

Listogib DIY - swivel beam

Hand listogib do it yourself

And the last knot of a manual listogib is a rotary beam. For its installation need loops, pipe and corner. The length of the angle is equal to the length of the pressure beam. From the pipe should make two handles at its discretion. The hinges are welded to the inside of the channel, and so that their axes coincide with its edge. A corner is welded on these loops so that the plane of the rotary beam, with which it bends the metal, during bending is parallel to the upper plane of the rule. Also between the planes should be a gap for the sheet. Now it remains only to weld the handles and check the working capacity of the sheet bending machine.

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