What a surprise to make a girl?

If you really like a girl, then your constant desire to pleasantly surprise your loved one is understandable. What a surprise to make a girl is a question that does not give rest to all the lovers of the strong half of humanity, regardless of their age and financial position. It becomes especially relevant during periods of spring exacerbation of love, as well as on the eve of Valentine's Day and in early March, when all men are concerned about choosing worthy gifts for their loved ones.

Of course, we must understand that the surprise and gift things are very pleasant, but somewhat different. A box of chocolates, handed by you on the threshold, is a gift, and the same box, discovered by a girl under a pillow or in a briefcase with documents, is already a real surprise. The main charm of a surprise is not in its material value, but in the mass of positive emotions, which it usually causes. Therefore, if you are a schoolchild or a student living on one scholarship, you will not be able to afford expensive gifts, but it is quite within your power to surprise your beloved girlfriend.Do not know what to think? Does fantasy continue to candlelight dinner and travel in a posh limousine to refuse flatly? Then maybe our advice on how to surprise your dream girl will help you in this noble cause.

Surprises available to every lover

If you are limited in means, but burn with the desire to surprise and please your beloved, in the course of the first step are all sorts of inscriptions made in the most unexpected places in the most exotic ways. A love declaration made by ketchup in the snow under the girl’s window, a heart laid out from candles burning on the asphalt at night, a poster with her name lowered from the roof of the house, a rug in front of the entrance doors with the inscription “I am at your feet” is only a small part of what a loving heart can tell you.

You can tie several heart-shaped balloons to the door handle, call and escape, as in childhood. Or wear a T-shirt with a portrait of her beloved printed on it and wait for an enthusiastic reaction from the depicted object. About singing serenades and climbing to the balcony to the object of worship with a rose in his teeth, we will not even speak. Classics of the genre, but it still operates smoothly.

Surprises Requiring Cash Investments

But about what kind of surprise you can make a girl, if you have a sum of money, you can talk almost endlessly. About the romantic dinner and skating in a luxury car, we already remembered. In addition to a limousine, you can use water (walk on a yacht) or equestrian transport. Many young ladies should like this.

Hidden in the most unexpected places rings and other jewelry cause a storm of genuine delight. If a girl dreams of a kitten or a puppy, a furry friend found in a basket under the door will be a delightful surprise for her.

We are looking for treasure

Another great idea how to make a girl a pleasant surprise is to take up treasure hunting with her. To implement it in two ways.

  • The first is to hide something valuable or tasty in your apartment or at your friend’s house. At the entrance to put a little note indicating in the form of riddles or charades of the next search item. Three or four correctly guessed riddles should lead your lady to the place where the “treasure” is hidden.
  • The second method is more ambitious. You will need good weather, a free day, a forest or a park and a picnic basket filled with delicious food.You draw a pirate map in advance, where you can find the guides of buried treasures; before going out into nature, take the basket to the designated place. You can err and ask a friend to preserve the treasure so that someone does not find it before you. A day spent in nature in your society, an exciting treasure hunt, ending in a picnic on the lawn, is guaranteed to make a strong impression on your favorite one.

If your girlfriend is a very mercantile person and she is not interested in all the romantic surprises, watch what storefront she is ready to stand for hours with a dreamy expression on her face. Buy her the desired thing and unexpectedly hand. The effect of such a surprise will surpass all your wildest expectations!

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