What are religions?

There is hardly a grown-up person who would not think about his place in life, about the role that fate had prepared for him, about the purpose of his appearance in this world. Regardless of whether a person prays or considers himself an atheist, he believes. It is faith that determines the degree of religiosity. Hence the conclusion: the people are religious. But the religion of an individual can have its own, sometimes - unique. Pay attention to what are the religions in the world.


It arose among the Palestinian Jews in the 1st century AD. The name comes from the Greek "christ", which means anointed. Christ is called Jesus, who lived in the 1st century AD. From the time of its foundation began to count the new era. The most numerous religion of the world. It has 2.1 billion followers.

Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. God is in the form of man, in which is enclosed the whole essence of Christianity. He condescended to earth in order to save man from the power of sin, to heal human nature with his resurrection after execution. That is why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central dogma of Christianity.

It has three main branches - Orthodoxy, Protestantism and Catholicism.The source of the creed is the Bible. Features: the salvation of the soul in the rejection of the sins of the corrupted world, the opposition to the sinful pleasures of strict austerity, the rejection of arrogance and vanity in favor of humility and humility. The reward will be life after the kingdom of God comes to earth. Teaches that, unlike other religions, Christianity is given by God, and not created by people.


What world religions are warlike? First of all - Islam. In Arabic, translated as "obedient to Allah." The followers of Allah (God) call themselves Muslim ("obedient to Allah" in Arabic). In Russian, the word was interpreted as a Muslim.

Islam emerged at the beginning of the 7th century in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula, where the cities of Mecca and Yathrib flourished (later renamed Madinat, the "city of the prophet"). The abbreviated name of the city is Medina. The territory of modern Saudi Arabia.

Islam is perceived by Muslims as a way of life. The most significant moment is the role of the right - Sharia, which fully, to the smallest detail, regulates the life of a Muslim. Islam sets a high ideal of personality, the goal of which is salvation, through intellectual, physical and spiritual self-improvement, and the main task is to submit to God.

Moral values: the special role of men, older by age and position, community and family. Islam supports the theory of the equality of people before God and presupposes a respectful attitude to the people of the “scriptures” - to Christians and Jews.

Islam was not a religion of the oppressed, but a religion of conquerors and victors. An ideal basis for a centralized state and an implacable struggle against the opponents of Islam. Presented a rigid view of political organization and power in society. Prescribes to give for good - good, for evil - evil. Teaches generosity and help to the poor.


Since 1996, there are from 360 to 500 thousand followers of Buddhism in the world. Buddhism - a religion older than many others - originated in India in the 6th century BC. Its founder had four names, but today they use the name of the Buddha - the highest among the Gods. Starting from the 1st century AD, Buddhism is divided into two currents (Hinayana and Mahayana) due to the fact that supporters did not find agreement on the question of which people deserve to go to the highest paradise — nirvana.

Buddha is the "awakened one." This is not the name of the individual, but a state of mind. Buddha is a universal teacher explaining the four noble truths that help all those who want to achieve enlightenment.These are the noble truth of suffering, the noble truth of the cause of suffering, the noble truth of the cessation of suffering, and the noble truth of the path leading to the cessation of suffering.

The highest goal is to achieve Nirvana - eternal peace and bliss, freedom from all kinds of pollution, including moral. The salvation of man is in the hands of man himself and Buddha cannot save anyone. Love and mercy to all living beings.

Judaism or some ancient religion

The most ancient religion, spread mainly among Jews. It originates in the 10th century BC. A vivid example of the unity of religion and statehood. The rejection of Jesus Christ and the expectation of the arrival of a different ruler, referred to in Christianity as the Antichrist, in the past was the cause of the state and spiritual disaster of the Jews, which led to their dispersal throughout the world. How modern religion was formed at the end of the first - the beginning of the second century of our era. The basic principle is the recognition of the one God.

With the advent of Christianity and Islam, there is an active conflict with them, regarding these two religions as their distortion.Christians and Muslims also did not express special sympathy, and gave the persecution of the Jews for their devotion to apostate religion.

The International Directory of the Religions of the World indicates that there were 20 million Jews in the world in 1993. But these data may be unreliable, since in 1996 other sources cited figures of about 14 million people. 40% of all Jews live in the United States, 30% in Israel.


Formed in the 1st century AD. It does not look like any of the religions that exist in the world. First of all, by the fact that it does not represent a holistic doctrine and was created in the process of synthesizing several religious beliefs. He has no scriptures. This is reflected in the psychological stock of the Hindu. The inconceivable combination of commitment to conviction with unprincipled behavior, the desire to achieve social status and envy of those who managed to achieve this. Hinduism does not have a single authority in religious matters.


Ethical-political doctrine founded by the thinker of ancient China Confucius. According to the doctrine, a respectful son must take care of his parents throughout his life. Parents should serve and please, for the sake of their good, to be ready for anything, and to honor them, regardless of the circumstances.In addition, the doctrine called for the upbringing of a highly moral person who would be honest and sincere, who possessed frankness and fearlessness, modesty and justice. Restraint, love for people, dignity and selflessness should decorate such a person.


Religion, which adopted the concept of karma and liberation at the end of the path common to all Indian religions, is nirvana. Does not recognize the gods. He considers the soul of a person to be incorruptible, and the world to be original. The bodily shell is given to the soul according to the results of previous lives. The soul can perpetually cultivate and attain omnipotence and everlasting bliss.

Comprehensively consider the question of which countries have which religions, in one article is very problematic, because there are a great many in the world of religions and religious teachings. But, the main most popular areas are presented in full.

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