What are steroids?

Alik Mullahmetov
Alik Mullahmetov
March 27, 2013
What are steroids?

It is difficult to find a person who would not know the word "steroids", and it is impossible to find such a person among the athletes. Many of them even took these drugs in order to improve their results. So what are steroids?

The history of the appearance of steroids

Steroids are chemicals that are created on the basis of cholesterol in order to speed up anabolic processes in the body. It is not well known that the first steroids were used exclusively for medical purposes as medications. They were discharged to sick people, as well as to those who were recovering from injuries. In addition, they contributed to improving the health of dystrophics. And then a “wonderful” thought arose: if patients recover after these drugs, healthy people, taking them, can do anything.

Only one problem arose: almost all steroids were developed only for specific diseases and acted correctly only under the condition of a certain nutrition, observance of a certain regimen.Yes, and you need to take them only in strictly limited quantities, otherwise problems can not be avoided.

How steroids work

In order for a person to benefit from this drug, the steroid must enter the muscle cells. Only by penetrating the right place, the steroid can start the mechanism that is responsible for the growth of muscle mass. However, only 10% of steroids get to the desired cell.

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