What can a doll be made of?

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What can a doll be made of?

The doll is not only a toy adored by all children, but also a wonderful decorative element that can decorate the interior. In addition, a beautiful doll can be easily presented to a loved one for any reason.

Shawl doll

In the old days such crafts were called dolls Insomnia. They were designed to protect the child from bad dreams and any evil forces, soothe and give happy night dreams. From two scarves you can make a doll with your own hands.

  1. Fold the first scarf with the triangle top down.
  2. Tie the side corners with tight knots - you’ll get the hands of the future doll.
  3. Insert a piece of wool or wool to form the head in the middle of the scarf. You can also put dry fragrant herbs or any flavor you like.
  4. Then wrap the ball with your fingers and twist the scarf around it once clockwise.
  5. Now take the leading edge of the ends of the scarf hanging down, and twist it once clockwise around the head of the pupa.It turns out a loop into which you will need to thread the tip and then tighten it tightly. We have the top of the pupa - the head, two handles and the body.
  6. Put this part of the craft on the second handkerchief.
  7. Wrap the upper left (from you) edge on the right (from you) shoulder of the pupa and bring it under the left (again from you) arm.
  8. Similarly, do the same with the right edge of the shawl. Throw it on the left shoulder and hold the doll under the right hand.
  9. Tie ends to the front.

Our craft is ready! It remains only to expand its face and gently straighten the fabric

Plastic doll

Today, at the peak of popularity, author pups, as close as possible to the outside to living children, that is, "Reborn". To make a Reborn doll, follow these instructions:

  1. Order online store ready base (mold) dolls, made by the sculptor. Molds are made of different materials (for example, from silicone, vinyl). Types of dolls can be very different, equipment, too. For example, you may be separately offered to buy a torso and eyes.
  2. Buy acrylic or oil paints, special hairs for later building them on the skin of the doll.
  3. Making holes for the eyes and holes in the nose, having degreased the mold, you will need to apply a foundation on it, choosing one or another skin tone.
  4. After the paint dries, proceed to paint the details of the skin. This stage is the key to creating reborn. Your skill will depend on how realistic the product will be.
  5. After complete drying of the paint, do the routing - hair extensions. Alternatively, you can use a very thin brush to draw a fluff on the head, typical of many babies, or to glue the finished wig.
  6. At the end, put reborn in baby clothes. You can buy it at any children's store.

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