What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a common disease that affects older people, but in quite young years no one is immune from it. Hemorrhoids bring physical and psychological discomfort. Therefore, it is desirable to know what hemorrhoids appear from to protect their health. We will talk about this now.

What is hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease that affects the veins of the anus, resulting in the expansion or stagnation of the nodes of the veins, which inflame and fall into the lumen of the anus or intestines. Because of this, hemorrhoids cause physical discomfort and severe pain in the anus area. In addition, minor bleeding is observed periodically. Hemorrhoids suffer most often in adulthood. This age accounts for up to 80% of all cases of the disease.

Why do hemorrhoids appear

Despite the high prevalence of the disease, scientists have not figured out exactly why it occurs. It is believed that there are several factors that cause the appearance of hemorrhoids:

  • Age - the older the person, the higher the risk of the disease;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Pregnancy.

In addition, there are a number of reasons that can trigger the disease. It is important to know them, as you can directly influence them.

Improper nutrition. For normal functioning, the intestines need a sufficient amount of fiber and water. With excessive consumption of protein foods, as well as tea, coffee and lemonades, the stool is liquefied. And this disrupts the normal metabolism in the body, as a result of which hemorrhoids arise.

Inactive lifestyle. If you lead this way of life, the blood circulates worse in the body. If a healthy blood flow is disturbed in the pelvis, there is a huge risk of hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy and childbirth are quite common causes of hemorrhoids in women. During pregnancy at a certain stage, the uterus begins to put pressure on the walls of the pelvis and, accordingly, on the vessels located there. This leads to the fact that the blood is hard to stagnate, and hemorrhoids appear. By the way, quite often hemorrhoids occur after birth because of increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Hard physical work is another reason why hemorrhoids appear. During weight lifting or general physical exertion of the body, blood actively rushes to the pelvis, which leads to stagnation of blood there.

Stress and emotional stress. According to one version, why hemorrhoids appear, it is believed that adverse psychological factors also lead to the formation of hemorrhoids.

As you can see, there are not so many reasons that lead to the emergence of this unpleasant disease, but you yourself can influence them in one way or another. It is important not only to know what causes hemorrhoids, but how to determine it. It is said that the signs of hemorrhoids in women are somewhat different than in men. Let's dwell on this.

Signs of hemorrhoids in women

Burning and itching. This feature is considered the most subjective. Thus, hemorrhoids from the inside irritate the skin, as a result of which this symptom occurs. Bloody issues. In women, hemorrhoids are most often manifested by bloody discharge during an act of defecation. The blood is scarlet, remains on toilet paper and underwear.In addition, the blood can be detected in the feces.

Pain in the anus. This symptom is most common with hemorrhoids. Pain occurs when walking or after sitting on a hard surface. The act of defecation is also painful. In acute periods of the disease, the pain is felt when sneezing, coughing. Constipation. They are both the cause and symptom of hemorrhoids. If you have constipation lasts quite a long time, then you should consult a specialist.

Signs of hemorrhoids in men

It is worth noting that this disease in the representatives of the stronger sex is most often manifested in a more acute form and is chronic, despite the fact that the causes of hemorrhoids in men are exactly the same as in women.

The most frequent signs of this disease in men are pain flashes in the anus, strong discomfort from hemorrhoids. In addition, pain occurs when walking, stool, even in the supine position. Also, open bleeding and purulent paraproctitis, the appearance of edema are often observed. Most often, hemorrhoids in men manifest periods. The acute stage is replaced by a slight lull in the course of diseases.

If you find yourself in the first signs of hemorrhoids, then urgently need to consult a specialist. If you have been given this unpleasant diagnosis of hemorrhoids, then you should not despair, this disease can be cured.

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