What is chocolate made of?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 1, 2013
What is chocolate made of?

The taste of chocolate, we love since childhood. As adults, we do not forget it. But few people think about what chocolate is made of, how they get the tiles that we buy in our usual form.

Types of chocolate

There are several types of chocolate:

  • bitter;
  • lactic;
  • white;
  • porous;
  • chocolate powder;
  • chocolate for diabetics.

It is well-known what chocolate is made of - from cocoa beans and cocoa butter. Depending on the type, various ingredients are added to it: nuts, raisins, popped rice. Happens chocolate with the addition of brandy, coffee, pepper, vanilla, etc.

How to make chocolate?

First, prepare the chocolate mass. It contains components that strictly comply with the recipe: ground cocoa beans, cocoa butter or palm, lecithin, flavors and toppings.

  • Bitter chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa beans (up to 75%) than milk, because of this it has a slightly bitter taste. The sweet or bitter taste of chocolate depends on the amount of sugar in it.
  • Milk chocolate is made with the addition of powdered milk or powdered cream, so it is lighter than dark in color and sweeter to taste.
  • Chocolate for diabetics is prepared with sugar substitutes - xylitol, sorbitol, etc. Therefore, it can be consumed by people with diabetes.
  • Porous chocolate is produced using a special technology. Chocolate mass is poured into molds, not topping up on ¼. Then the forms are placed in vacuum boilers, where the chocolate mass is aged, remaining liquid, for at least 4 hours. Vacuum creates the effect of expanding air bubbles, thus creating the porosity of chocolate.
  • Chocolate powder is obtained from grated cocoa beans with the addition of icing sugar. Powdered milk or cream may be added to this powder. It is of two types: dessert or ordinary.

Few know what white chocolate is made of, and certainly not know that it is not chocolate at all. White chocolate has a very simple composition: powdered milk, called film, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla flavor. Due to the lack of cocoa beans in it, chocolate has a light shade, but not white, but rather cream. Taste bouquet turns out to be special because of powdered milk that has undergone special treatment.

Chocolate storage

When buying chocolate, you must check the date of manufacture, as it has a limited shelf life. Do not buy expired chocolate, it will not be good for health. It is best to store it in a dark cool place, but avoid storage in the refrigerator. With a sharp change in temperature, condensate forms on it - droplets of moisture, which, evaporating, leave white sugar stains on the chocolate bar.

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