What do Americans think of Russians?

Each person, without exception, has always been interested in what others think about him. And if this interest is not compared with one specific person, but with a whole people, then a rather topical issue comes to the surface. Are you curious to know what Americans think of Russians? There are many myths about the great Russian people, more like a fantastic tale, and, as a rule, in every fairy tale there is some truth.

If we consider that Americans think about Russians exactly as much as we think about them, then we can describe here the most characteristic and interesting ideas of Americans about Russian people.

How Americans see Russians

  • Many people in the United States firmly believe that it is always cold in Russia, and even compare our country with a giant refrigerator.
  • Most of the Americans with the country of Russia have one association - this is “Siberia”, they often even equate “Russia” and “Siberia”.
  • It is pleasant that in the USA Russia is considered a strong economically, politically and militarily country.
  • Another opinion is that all Russians, without exception, are very hardworking and active people, and quitters among them are very rare.
  • Well, how can you not remember here that many Americans rightly consider vodka a national treasure and the only alcoholic beverage that is in demand with us. As it turned out, the Americans themselves are perfectly oriented in all the variety of Russian alcoholic drink and often drink it.
  • From the above paragraph it follows that, in the opinion of the Americans, the majority of Russians are alcoholics with experience and endurance.
  • And again about the pleasant. In America, we are confident that our boys and girls are among the most beautiful and attractive in the world.
  • Everybody knows our Putin, even in America. However, not everyone knows D.A. Medvedev.
  • Our writers love, read, know in America.
  • Russia is associated in America with Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Kremlin. However, only these cities are famous Russian cities for Americans.
  • No one would even think about how much a dollar costs one dollar.
  • It turned out that the majority are confident that the Russians still always and everywhere eat everything with black and red caviar.
  • There are people in America who believe in bears walking around Red Square.
  • How do Americans represent Russians? Our men are considered very strong physically.
  • The lucky ones who have been to Moscow and St. Petersburg are impressed by what they have seen, and speak very well of what has been learned.
  • In America, the Russian mafia is considered one of the most influential in the world.
  • It is believed that the Russians are always in sorrow.
  • There are those who relate Russia to Asia.
  • Everyone knows what borscht is. However, on this their information about traditional Russian cuisine is exhausted.
  • Everyone has an idea of ​​what a real Russian church looks like.
  • Our nested doll is considered to be an undoubted attribute of Russia, and all those who come to us will definitely buy such a souvenir.
  • Most Americans believe that all people in Russia are very wealthy.
  • In the US, they admire how our countrymen dress stylishly and fashionably.

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