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What does a child draw

Do not ask a small child what he drew. He may not have painted anything at all.The child drew his mood, his emotions.But he will not be able to explain it to you.

Two-three-year-old children, when they take hands in their hands, do not bother with the composition and the plot.Spontaneous, authentic drawing. Color - what liked.
Line - where the hand led.
They do not just draw the image - they live the process, harmonize their internal state.

For example, the boy Roma, in the period of adaptation to the kindergarten, silently painted over several sheets of black gouache every morning. It was only after this that other colors appeared in his drawings, vivid emotions appeared on his face, and a desire to communicate in behavior.

Thisself-correction abilityyou can break it if you ask the child every time: “And what did you draw?” The child will think about it ... The child will decide that it is necessary to draw something. And it will draw standard houses with a roof-triangle (and where only modern children see such roofs?), Christmas trees from three triangles, suns with rays -everything is like in the pictures - and nothing to do with creativity and self-expression.

Do not ask the kid what he drew. He will tell when the image will be a specific image.

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