What dreams of cakes: the meaning and interpretation of a dream

About what dreams pies, every dream book is able to tell. This is an interesting vision and should not be ignored. It is better to remember all the details of the dream and study several books of interpretations. By the way, I would like to turn to the most popular ones now.

why dream pies

Modern dream book

According to this source, fresh cakes are harbingers of well-being and financial viability. Dream interpretation recommends that a person “go with the flow” and not try to change something. Even if you want to improve the already well-occurring situation.

But this is not all what pies dream of. If they were old and dried up, then you will have to prepare for difficult times. The dream interpretation interprets this vision as a forerunner of poverty, financial problems and frustration in all spheres of life. Perhaps, problems that have suddenly fallen on a person’s head will lead to a breakdown and even depression.

But these interpretations should be taken into account only if it was not clear in the vision with which filling the pastries were made. In all other cases, the role is played by its filler. This nuance must be taken into account if you want to know what the cakes are about.

what do fried pies dream about

With cabbage

It is said that baking with this filling personifies the lack of communication and attention experienced by a person. If the dreamer was trying to treat someone with such a pie, then soon he would have to establish contact and develop relations with not the most sociable person.

However, this is not all what dream of cabbage pies. If they were in the oven, the interpretation would be completely different. Such a dream suggests that soon a person will receive a worthy reward for his work. The main thing - do not drop pastries on the floor in a vision. Such an unpleasant turn of events promises significant spending.

Pies with cabbage were half-baked? This vision embodies the case, not brought to the end by man. But the burnt treat says that in reality the dreamer will be entrusted with the task, which will have to devote a lot of time, effort and energy.

By the way, a single patty with cabbage is a harbinger of short loneliness. During his stay in it, people rethink their priorities and, perhaps, take a fresh look at their lives.

what is the dream of frying pies

With potato

Another popular filling. Why dream of potato patties? It is said that meeting people belonging to a person is hostile, perhaps even harboring evil upon him.

Had a chance to sell this pastry in a dream? So it's time to think about their life position. If you have long wanted to change something - it's time to decide.

But a dream in which a person was engaged in cooking potato pies was considered a harbinger of material problems. They will arise because of a situation of dubious nature, into which the dreamer was drawn. The consequences will be very difficult to avoid, especially if a person decides not to contact his friends for help.

what dream pies with cabbage

With sweet filling

Talking about the dream of fried pies, it is impossible not to note the attention of pastries with jam. This sweet treat is a good sign, because it promises to the dreamer an acquaintance with the pleasant personality of the opposite sex, which can grow into something more.

The man bit a pie, but did not finish it? So someone needs his help. Doel, but hunger could not be quenched? This indicates a lack of impressions and positive emotions in real life.

Pies with cottage cheese are considered a good sign. If a person received them as a hotel, then very soon a new good friend will appear in his life. Did he treat someone to such baking? So, in reality, he will finally be able to get rid of the machinations of the malevolent.

Fish or meat

Such a filling can also be seen in a dream. What dreams of fish pies? It is believed that to harmony and financial well-being. Because fish symbolizes satiety and prosperity. If a person bakes fish patties, he will soon receive good news about relatives. In the vision, did he eat up pastries with appetite? In the near future will have to make an important life decision. Was the treat tasteless? So trouble is coming.

What about what dreams of meat pies? Do not worry about the value of this vision. It promises prosperity and career growth. And if someone offered meat baking to a person, this indicates his strong and friendly family.Although the woman should take a similar vision as a warning that women from her environment envy her.

what dream pies in a dream

Cooking process

Many dream books positively interpret the vision in which a person sculpted pies. It is believed that it is a harbinger of an unexpected, but very pleasant find. And not necessarily in the truest sense of the word. Perhaps a person will find some valuable information for him that can help in later life. Or, finally, he realizes the meaning of his existence.

Man dreamed of a baking tray with raw pies in the oven in a dream, and then watching them roast? This is a good vision. It foreshadows wealth and solid profits.

If a dream came up to a girl, and she noticed herself in it, fussing in the kitchen in the baking process, then soon she would like to flirt with a couple of men for fun. You should not get involved in this, otherwise a joke can turn into frivolity.

Another thing to say a few words about what dreams of frying pies. This dream is considered good, because pastries prepared in this way are personified with hospitality, friendliness and generosity. In any case, the book of interpretations of Thelomen says so.

why dream of meat patties

Other interpretations

In addition to all the above, people often dream of pastry with apples. This is a good sign, he personifies a relationship of trust with loved ones. The sweeter and hotter these cakes were, the better. By the way, the integrity of relationships in the family circle is also symbolized by oval or round cakes.

Was it a treat with a cherry? So, very soon a person will receive a well-deserved reward or a pleasant unexpected gift. But baking stuffed with a variety of fruits and berries tells about the onset in life of a period when Fortune and luck will accompany the dreamer constantly. As soon as the "white line" will be felt, it is worthwhile to embark on the implementation of ideas that have been shelved because of uncertainty.

Otherwise, dreams are interpreted in which the purchase of pies dreamed. Typically, this turn of events portends a long-awaited meeting with someone close to you. And for poor people, this dream is a sign of quick profit.

The most important thing is that a person does not dream, as he throws pies. Such a vision usually indicates the presence in his immediate environment of detractors who are about to harm him.

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