Why dream of dust?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 18, 2015
Why dream of dust?

Most often, a person sees in a dream everyday things and symbols, but this does not mean that they will come true in a similar way. After all, the subconscious encodes its message, so the values ​​of the characters are completely different. Below you can find out what dreams of dust.

How to interpret a dream about dust

If a person saw dust in a dream, then he will soon show off his achievements, maybe even imaginary, to his friends and relatives. If a person in a dream swallowed dust, he will be humiliated.

What dreams of dust woman?

If a woman finds a layer of dust on the furniture in her house, then in reality a quarrel with her husband awaits her. Their relationship has become obsolete, and it’s time for them to part. However, the dreamer will hold on to them, since he sees nothing more in life.

To fall into the roadside dust - to the disease, and when strangers shake off the dust of a woman in a dream, in real life completely strangers will help her, who will later become her friends.

The value of dust in a dream for a man

If the dust dreamed of a man, then the dream should be interpreted in a slightly different way.So, when the dreamer sees that the wind picks up dust, his business will go uphill, moreover, he should soon wait for profit. Also, such a dream can make a person humiliated.

If a man in a dream fell into dust, then he faces fraud and, consequently, frustration. Most likely, in this situation, he will see hopelessness, but he should wait a bit, everything will return to normal.

When a man sees dust on furniture, he should be vigilant, as his close people can deceive him. But this situation can be avoided by keeping your ears open.

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