What horror movie to watch?

Agree that it happens that in the evening on your day off or after a working day, you want to spend time watching a good movie, and sometimes find and watch a good horror movie. Each of us prefers different genres and directions, someone more like action for someone more monotonous plot. However, when it comes to horror movies, you need to be prepared for anything. But which horror movie is worth seeing, and which one does not deserve your attention? On some of the divisions in taste when watching thrillers and horror films, we now talk.

It's no secret that horror films have long appeared on our televisions. With the development of the latest technology and computer graphics, the improvement of costumes of scenery and makeup on the screens in front of us can be all sorts of monsters, zombies and maniacs.

So after all, what horror movie to watch? In order to decide which horror movie you can watch, you need to determine your preferences by dividing movies into categories.

Zombie movies

Fear of the departed existed from time immemorial. People believed various beliefs and omens. However, to date, films about zombies can be not only about dead people who are then resurrected, but also about people infected with the virus and feeling deprived and controlled by hunger alone. From such films about hopeless situations and about how a small group of people fight for survival, we recommend watching:

Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead (TV series).

Horror about monsters

Even as children, we believe in under-bed monsters and monsters living in our closets. Today, the filmmakers, having revised our fears, broadened the mind to the emergence of more real monsters created as a result of human activity or existing long before us. A range of different genres, such as horror, combined with fiction, can add much more vivid impressions of watching a movie.

"Other", "Alien", "Something", "Sliding"

Films about paranormal, poltergeist and evil spirits

A person is constructed in such a way that if he does not see something or does not understand it, it scares him much more.Ghosts or other unknown creatures can scare just by their presence, without any action. Fear of the unknown is either justified or a figment of your imagination. There are many movies about poltergeist we recommend the following. "Paranormal phenomena" part 1 and 2; “The Last Exile of the Devil”, “The Omen”, “Orphanage”, “The Witch of Blair”, “Supernatural” (TV series).

Films about obsessive and maniacs

All of the above directions are for the most part less real than the horror genre in which the theme of maniacs and murderers is revealed. Unfortunately, the psychological state of a person can be extremely unstable and most terrible of all if this person is free and can harm other people or even kill. Films about maniacs can be immersed in an atmosphere where uncontrollable murders for the sake of murder frighten them and make them shiver. If this genre is for you, then take note of the following pictures: "Ted Bundy", "Saw", "Halloween", "Dexter" (TV series).

But be that as it may, if you ask which horror film you recommend, we will answer - "Saw." The film still has an interesting plot, the twists and turns of events, and the film is also detective.You can brighten up more than one evening watching these films, since there are several parts of the movie. This film is widely used both in film and on television, and be sure, most of your friends have already watched it. Ask them and they will tell you for sure that this film is worth seeing.

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