What is a bookmark? How do you spell a word?

What is a bookmark? This word has several meanings. It is a noun that can denote a subject, and maybe an action. The origin of this word is also interesting. More information about what a bookmark will be described in the review.

Meaning of the verb and the noun

Horse laying

The word we are considering refers to those nouns that are formed from the verb. Therefore, the word “bookmark” the verb “to lay” has a direct relationship. It is a producing part of speech that has several meanings. The noun “bookmark” formed from it is also multivalued. We give examples.

The verb "to lay" in the meaning:

  1. Putting, that is, placing an object inside another object. (Put your hands in the clutch).
  2. Start construction, breakdown of the garden. (Lay the foundation of the furnace).
  3. Give the thing as a deposit. (Lay the car in the bank).
  4. Preparing the crew for the trip. (Lay horses).
  5. Feel sore. (Pawed ears).
  6. In colloquial speech - to make a denunciation. (The witness laid the criminal).
  7. Phraseological turnover - drink alcohol. (Lay by the collar).
  8. To envisage something in the calculations for the commission of some actions. (Lay risks).

Noun "bookmark" in the meaning of:

  • Device for finding the necessary page in the book.
  • Link to a resource on the Internet that is stored in the browser for quick access to it.
  • Tool used by climbers for insurance.
  • The action that marks the beginning of the process.
  • One type of listening devices.

Origin, synonyms, spelling

The verb "to lay" and the noun "bookmark" have the basis of "treasure" ("put") - that is, "what is necessary." It originates in Proto-Slavic and is available in languages ​​such as Old Church Slavonic, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Czech, Polish, and others.

Synonyms for the word "bookmark", depending on the context, are the following nouns:

  • In the case of a bookmark, a ribbon, cord, tabs, strip.
  • In a situation with a bookmark of a garden - breakdown.
  • To bug - bug.
  • To tab indicators in the estimate - calculation.

How do you spell the word “bookmark” correctly? Since there can be a dilemma: write “a” or “o” in the first syllable and “d” or “t” in the second, we will pay attention to them.

  1. Since “for” is a prefix, it is written in “a”, since the prefix “zo” does not exist.
  2. In the second syllable, the letter “d” is written at the end, since the test word is “treasure”.

Next, let's talk about some of the above meanings of the word “bookmark” in more detail.


Bookmarks made of cloth

The history of bookmarks for books originates in ancient China and Egypt. Then she had the appearance of a small piece of papyrus, which was glued to the scrolls. With the advent of books, they began to make bookmarks from fabric, silk ribbons and laces.

On the massive books of the Middle Ages, parchment registers were fastened to the side, which helped to open the book many times on the desired page. They were on the side and a little bit beyond the edges.

There were also bookmarks of gold and silver, which were decorated with patterns. They were presented as a gift and used in books with luxurious bindings, framed in gold and jewels. In the 17th century, multipage bookmarks appeared. They consisted of several tapes fastened to each other, decorated with precious stones.

In the XVIII century fashion appeared on the book marks - ribbons that were attached to the spine. Further, silk copies began to be replaced with cheaper paper and cardboard, on which pictures were drawn, inscriptions were made.

Modern Bookmark

But manufacturers' fantasies were not limited to this. This desired item was made from a variety of materials: metal, ivory, mother of pearl, leather, beads, wood, straw. Today, bookmarks are released with a timer, backlight, with a pointer to the page you are looking for, with the ability to make notes in the text without harm to the book.

Bookmark on the Internet

What is a bookmark on the Internet? This is a selected, necessary for the user reference or position in the text. It is stored in a special file and opened by entering the “Bookmarks” menu. In some browsers, it is in the form of a shortcut in the Favorites folder and is detected by calling up a menu with the same name.

There is also the possibility of using social bookmarking services with which you can save them online and share with your friends. In addition, you can use personal services without sharing bookmarks with other users.

Bookmark have climbers

Different types of mountaineering bookmarks

And what is the tab for climbers? This is a special device that climbers need to properly organize insurance during climbing. They are divided into several types:

  • stoppers;
  • hexagonal rock, or hexes;
  • koperhedy;
  • friends.

Stoppers are usually made of aluminum in the form of a trapezoid-shaped prism with angles that are more common in rock crevices. Sometimes they have a hollow hole inside. Through a prism, a steel cable is passed through, which has the shape of a loop for a carbine.

Hexes are a hexagon with different sized edges. His bookmark has three pairs of jamming faces. Hexes are used on cracks measuring several centimeters, that is, wider. Different sizes of faces are needed for cracks of different thickness.

Koperheds ("copper head") are used to pass through walls with cracks deaf and small. These are tabs made of viscous and soft metal (aluminum, copper), pressed onto the cable. They are hammered with a rock hammer.

Friends are the most convenient and perfect bookmarks for large cracks. They are a rather complicated device consisting of eccentric elements fixed on one axis.Friends with one hand inserted into the crack, after which they are wedged by the machine.

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