What is a valve?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 4, 2015
What is a valve?

The word "valve" has several meanings and is used in different areas of life. Here's how to describe what a valve is when it is used in any mechanism: “A valve is a disc or a cap, or some other object covering a hole. Steam, gas or some other liquid can pass through it. ”

For other meanings of the word read below.

Other meanings of the word

Using a part such as a valve, in any mechanism or machine, you can easily control the flow of gas or liquid by changing the flow area. Such valves are used in various systems of regulation and control, in pumps, internal combustion engines, in blowers and even in pipelines. To learn how to check the valves in the car, read the article How to check the valve.

Valves are an irreplaceable detail in many musical wind instruments. Here valves are used to open and close the side openings. Thanks to this, the pitch of the sound changes, and this is how the music is made.For example, in such a musical instrument as a harmonica, a valve is a keyboard button. Without it, the tool would simply not work.

Valves are in the heart and veins, in this case it is part of a hollow organ, which was formed using its inner lining. It can block the hole or passage. For example, there is a heart valve, aortic valve and even a lymphatic valve.

Professional seamstresses word "valve" is very well known, as it is often used in sewing. A valve is a stripe made of ordinary fabric that imitates a pocket and closes the seam on the clothes or the opening of the pocket itself.

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