What is an affiliate program? Best affiliate programs

Almost everyone who was interested in the issueadditional earnings, one way or another came across a proposal to get income through some mediation. Almost on every website or blog you can meet an invitation to purchase a particular product or service. How does it all work, what are affiliate programs for earnings and what income can they bring? Let's talk about this in more detail.


what is an affiliate program

Those who have never faced a similarphenomenon, they may think that affiliate programs are a total deception, it is unreal to make money on this. This is not quite true. To make it easier to understand what an affiliate program is, imagine a typical commission store:

  • You, as the owner, bring a certain thing and set the price for it.
  • Store - the seller - undertakes to make every effort to realize your product.
  • In case of success, you will pay the shop commission fee (10-30%), and the rest of the amount you will take.

Thus, the affiliate program isagreement between two entities: the seller and the owner of the product. One of them undertakes to sell the product (service), and the other promises, if successful, to pay him a partner reward, usually expressed as a percentage of each sale.

Types of affiliates

So, what is an affiliate program,more or less understandable. Now let's talk about what they are. Depending on what is charged for, several types of partners are distinguished:

1. Transitions through an advertising link.In this case, some popular site offersyou post your link on your blog, YouTube channel, newsletter and so on. For each transition on this link you will be charged a fee of several cents (or cents). When you reach the minimum agreed amount, you can withdraw the money to your electronic wallet. It is believed that the best partner programs of this kind are Yandex.Direct and Google AdSens, but these monsters do not cooperate with everyone, there are certain requirements, however, quite feasible.affiliate program reviews

2. Payment for impressions.This kind of partner is very similar to the previous one,However, in this case, the payment is not for the passage of the link, and for the fact of viewing. The disadvantage of such cooperation is a very low payment, usually per thousand views. On the other hand, this is the most simple affiliate program, reviews about it are often positive. However, you need to keep in mind: in order to earn this way, you definitely need your site, otherwise there will simply be no place to advertise.

3. Payment for the performed actions.In this case, you will receive a commission fee only if the person who has passed through the link you placed will perform a certain task:

  • download some program;
  • fill in the questionnaire;
  • registered on the site;
  • watch a video and much more.

Earn in these affiliates is easy, because most of the client does not require material costs, and therefore persuade him to perform the necessary action is fairly simple.

4. Interest from direct sales.This is the most profitable type of earnings for those,who has well studied what an affiliate program is. The fact is that the deductions in this case are measured not by kopecks and cents, but by tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of rubles or dollars. Everything depends on the value of the partner product, that is, what exactly you sold. This can be a training course, a tour book, a paid consultation of a doctor or a lawyer, any goods - from a needle to a car.

Bookmaker programs

betting partner program

Not so long ago the Internet appeared this kind ofearnings as a bookmaker affiliate program, ideally suited to those who can not sell anything, but is fond of one or more sports. Bookmakers, if anyone does not know, are organizations that offer to bet on a particular sporting event: the victory or loss of a team, an account, and so on. To earn in this program, you need to attract new members by posting your affiliate link in various sports forums, social networks or comments. In fact, this is a mixed type of affiliate, in which payment can be made both for the passage itself by reference, and for the performed action - the made bet or the replenishment of the game account.

How to make money on affiliate

It may seem that such work on the shoulderonly those who have their own website. However, it is not. Of course, in the presence of a well-promoted resource with high attendance, things will go much faster, but you can completely do without it. In order to use affiliate programs for earning, it is enough just to have a computer with Internet access. This is done very simply:

  • choose the partner you like and go through the standard registration;
  • in your personal account find advertising materials,which you need for work - it can be just a link (it's called referral), banners of different types and sizes, or even a whole partner site-one-page;
  • place advertising materials on as many external resources as possible - sites, forums, groups in social networks;
  • waiting for referrals and sales.

The fact is that in advertising materials there is always built in a special code that identifies you as a partner, so those who come by your "tag" will be assigned exactly for you.

Depth of dive

To increase profits from partners, you need to choose those in which income depends not only on you, but also on those whom you have already invited.

best affiliate programs

Depending on how many stages of payment it has, the affiliate program can be:

  • one-level - here the income depends only on you: the more you invited / sold, the more you earned;
  • two-level - in this case you will receive income not only from your efforts, but also from the activity of those whom you invited;
  • multilevel - looks like a kind of pyramid, onthe top of which you are and receive the largest deductions; followed by those invited by you - from their earnings you also receive a percentage, although much smaller; on the next level there are people who were invited, in turn, by your partners / referrals - from this activity you additionally receive a certain amount, and so on;
  • network - this is an even more extensive program,which, in addition to the levels, presupposes the presence of certain qualification levels; for example, invited 100 referrals of the first level - and your personal percentage increased from ten to fifteen.

Choose the right affiliate

Well, what is an affiliate program and how it works is clear. Now let's talk about how to choose from the huge variety of proposals, which will bring the greatest revenue.affiliate program moneyThere are several rules for this:

  1. If you have a website, then the affiliate must correspond to its theme. Well agree that it's silly to sell baseball bats on the site for floriculture or a culinary blog.
  2. Use only high-quality promotional materials - a crooked "slappy" banner is unlikely to attract a potential buyer.
  3. Be sure of the quality of the proposed product - it is difficult to persuade a person to buy a training course if you do not know what it is good for.
  4. You should be comfortable working in yourpartner office - the ability to track the number of referrals for your links, the number of sales and the status of the partner account are very helpful in the work.
  5. Referral link should "remember" you at least3-6 months. A person makes a decision to buy not immediately, but most often returns to the thing that interests him after a while, so the service should "remember" that the customer was invited by you.
  6. Do not work with partners offering a reward of less than 10-15%, it does not make sense.
  7. Pay attention to the minimum amount to be paid- it should equal zero or, in any case, not exceed 1-2 dollars. Also, make sure that payments are made on demand and in a way that is convenient for you.

How much can I get

affiliate programs for earningsSome people think that if the site is workingaffiliate program - money will flow with the river. In fact, this is not the case at all. As you already understood, affiliates can be different, but on average the percentage deductions can be from 5 to 30% of the sale amount. Sometimes, however, commission fees can reach 70-80%, but this is a big rarity. Such generosity can boast only some infobusinessmen. Thus, depending on what you are paid for, and your activity, you can earn from a couple of rubles to several hundred dollars a month.

Where can I find an affiliate program?

To choose a good affiliate is quite convenientuse the so-called aggregator - a network of partner programs. These are special sites that unite a large number of advertisers - online services, online stores, investment and gaming projects. This is very convenient, because you can make profit in various ways, although most pay for confirmed actions. A suitable service of affiliate programs can easily be found by carefully studying user feedback. Perhaps the most famous on the open spaces of the Runet is Glopart, but you can choose any other.


affiliate programs network

Now you know exactly how you can make money.partners, and, probably, have already decided to try. Of course, the best affiliate programs for everyone are their own, but nevertheless, before starting to provide intermediary services, it is advisable to carefully study the feedback on a particular project.

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