What is archaism?

Alik Mullahmetov
Alik Mullahmetov
March 21, 2013
What is archaism?

Russian language is multifaceted. There are different words in it, the meaning of which is sometimes even incomprehensible. These include archaisms. I wonder what is archaism? It turns out that archaisms are obsolete words that have become obsolete. Now they are assigned synonyms - words similar to archaisms in meaning, but more modern. However, archaisms continue to exist further in our language.

Sometimes archaisms are used in poetic speeches to create a high style, archaisms give the poem beauty and color. They are also used in works in order to recreate fully the time that is being described, to show the past era, to draw the line between the present and the past, to highlight the bright difference.

Examples of archaisms

But there are examples of archaisms, which, even without changing, completely came out of our lexicon. We ourselves do not notice how often we use archaisms in our speech. Examples: eyes - eyes, lips - lips and others. And, for example, in other countries, archaisms are generally used as professional words, especially as regards jurisprudence.

We do not even notice how many archaisms exist in our life, of which there are so many examples! For example, from the film “Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession,” remember that famous phrase when Ivan the Terrible said: “You lie, dog, am I king!”. What a magnificent and loud quote that no doubt everyone remembers for a long time. Or, for example, a phrase in a no less famous cartoon about Koshchei the Immortal: “There, Tsar Koschey is withering over gold”. And the archaism of "gold" is familiar to us from early childhood.

How much brightness and emotionality add archaisms! Without them, the language would be very poor and not at all interesting.

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