What is better childbirth or cesarean?

Without a doubt, almost any woman wants to become a mother. But when the time of childbirth is approaching, sometimes a woman faces a dilemma, which is better - childbirth or cesarean section. The fear of pain, with which everyone associates the process of giving birth to a child, often pushes the future mother to various doubts and a deep analysis of her own situation.

On the natural process of childbirth and cesarean section to date, written a lot of different scientific papers, this topic is actively discussed at medical conferences. And with confidence we can say that choosing which is better - cesarean or natural childbirth, doctors will be unequivocal in their decision. Of course, just natural childbirth. But only if it is not contraindicated.

About caesarean section

The advantages of cesarean section

The only advantage when choosing a cesarean section, as a method of birth of a child, may be the recommendation or testimony of a medical professional. That is, a woman is simply contraindicated to give birth on her own, because This may threaten her life or the life of a child.

Cesarean Section Myths

Among nulliparous women, there is a myth that having a baby by caesarean section is a very easy way. No pain during labor and childbirth, everything is very simple. But no one thinks about the consequences that accompany delivery by cesarean section. It is worth remembering that this is an operation. And each operation is, firstly, a huge shock for the body, much larger than the natural process of childbirth, and secondly, it is the presence of a very difficult postoperative recovery process.

Also it should be taken into account that in women who gave birth with a caesarean section, milk production is not established from the first days and the little one has to be fed with the mixture. And this negatively affects the subsequent formation of the baby’s immunity.

About natural childbirth

Pros of the natural process of childbirth

The first, why it is worthwhile to give birth independently: the process of childbirth is therefore called “natural”, because it is a normal process envisaged by nature itself. And to go against nature is not worth it. In the body of a woman everything is built so that the child, being born, gets everything he needs for life.And this is not only a useful experience in overcoming obstacles, which helps a lot in later life, but also a gradual adaptation to the environment, and hardening of the baby's body.

Secondly, a great advantage of natural childbirth is that after the process of birth of the baby for some time put on the mother's chest. This is not just a medical ritual, it is rather a necessity. So the child acquires an inextricable relationship with his mother, and the attachment of the child in the first hours of his life to his chest contributes to the establishment and rapid adjustment of lactation. These procedures for the birth of a child by caesarean section are impossible.

Thirdly, the postpartum recovery process of the mother after natural childbirth occurs much faster than after a cesarean section. Thus, the mother can take care of the baby almost immediately after the natural childbirth.

As output

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is best to give birth naturally. And if a doctor before giving birth offers a woman to choose: a cesarean section or natural childbirth, it is worth questioning the qualifications of such a doctor or to be accusedto cash in on prenatal fears.

Indeed, first of all, for the child himself it is important in what way he was born. In psychological and physiological aspects. If there is no threat to life, then, without hesitation, choose only natural childbirth.

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