What is certification?

March 18, 2015
What is certification?

There are many ways to properly and correctly assess the skills of a person. Consider what is certification. Certification is an examination, confirmation of the level of knowledge of a specialist. Also, this word is called call a review or description of someone. The document, which is issued after the evaluation, called the certificate.

Types of certification

The following are the main types of certification:

  • In training - it is the identification of the level of knowledge, as well as the skills of the person being taught. Attestation allows you to identify how the student owns certain disciplines.
  • In the audit certification is called the qualification of persons who wish to engage in an audit. After passing the exam, a person receives an auditor's certificate.
  • In the activities of certain organizations, certification is an assessment of skill and training. Failure of the certification procedure is the reason for termination of the contract or contract.

There are the following types of certification of employees:

  • another, held every few years to test knowledge;
  • certification, which is conducted according to the results of the probationary period and allows you to identify the degree of a person’s readiness for work
  • certification for service promotion allows you to identify opportunities for the employee;
  • certification when transferring to another workplace is necessary to check the level of knowledge of new job responsibilities.

Now you know what certification is, and you can freely use this word.

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