What is dangerous heart aneurysm?

The main causes of heart aneurysm

heart aneurysm

When a myocardial infarction occurs, a portion of the heart muscle is disturbed, which leads to unstable functioning of the organ, which periodically refuses to contract in the normal mode. When the pressure inside the heart rises, the weak zone of its main muscle bulges out and forms a convex sac. With further work, the blood continues to circulate, but is forced to linger in the problem area, therefore a blood clot forms. This phenomenon is quite dangerous for the organism, because there is a possibility of thrombosis of cerebral vessels and lower extremities.

What causes a heart aneurysm

The main negative consequence is the violation of the direct function of the body, that is, contractions, which are carried out with the aim of pumping blood throughout the body. This leads to heart failure, which is characterized by frequent edema of the legs, increased shortness of breath and frequent heartbeat.The disease is mainly formed in the left ventricle, its upper part, and also on the interventricular septum. This can lead to dangerous consequences.
- the rupture of the protruding "bag", which entails a mortal danger, which often occurs instantly. Therefore, in the diagnosis of cardiac aneurysm, one should be attentive to any manifestations of the disease.

heart aches

Main manifestations

If the disease has arisen with an already existing myocardial infarction, the patient immediately feels weak, more short of breath, the temperature rises, and he can also complain that his heart is aching. As long as the affected person has this disease, the heart's healing process, or scarring, is much slower, so the necessary firm scar cannot appear in the right place.


Aneurysm of the heart is of several types: this separation depends on what stage of the heart attack it was formed. Therefore, there are the following types:


Appears during the first 2 weeks after a heart attack. As a result, the temperature rises to 38 degrees, the development of inflammatory processes is observed in the blood.The problem area has a very small thickness, so if the pressure rises, then there is a risk of the patient dying.


tingling in the heart

Formation occurs in the period from the second to the sixth week after the onset of heart attack. It is located on the site of a recent myocardial infarction. In such a period of time, the walls of the myocardium are already more dense, since the body produces a special scar tissue.


The formation period is from 1.5 to 2 months after a heart attack. In this case, the “bag” is tightly closed with scar tissue, so the risk of its rupture is significantly reduced. However, the victim may still feel tingling in the heart.


Aneurysm of the heart is a very dangerous disease, therefore, in case of any suspicions, it is necessary to immediately contact a cardiologist to establish an accurate diagnosis. After myocardial infarction, you must observe a quiet, gentle regimen, carefully monitor the condition of the body.

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