What is the difference between whiskey?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
June 13, 2013
What is the difference between whiskey?

The name of the popular English alcoholic beverage whiskey (whiskey) comes from the Celtic expressions uisce beatha and uisge beatha, which means “water of life”. By “water of life” they mean a very strong alcoholic drink, which is obtained from many types of grain using malting, distillation and long aging in oak barrels. What is the difference between whiskey?

First of all, its taste qualities, which are determined by a variety of parameters. Among them - the quality of water and grain, methods of malting, filtering, duration of exposure, air temperature and other indicators. The technology of making whiskey is fundamentally different from the technology of making other alcoholic beverages.

Whiskey varieties

What is the difference between scotch and whiskey? Exclusively raw materials and manufacturing technology. In fact, scotch is the same whiskey, but Scotch whiskey; By the way, the most popular in the world. Scotch whiskey is different traditions, according to which it is necessary to dry the malt, using peat as a fuel, because of what the taste of scotch gets smoky aroma.Another whiskey - Irish - differs in drying in kilns without peat, as well as triple distillation. It gives the whiskey a mellow taste.

Whiskey classification

Malt whiskey. This is whiskey, which is obtained from pure barley malt. At the same time, in the process of cooking, barley malt is not mixed with grain. Malt whiskey, in turn, is also classified into several types:

  • single malt
  • malt whiskey (whiskey taken from one barrel)
  • Malt Whiskey (American Oak Barrel)
  • mixed malt whiskey

Grain whiskey - a type of whiskey that is used to produce blended whiskey. At the same time, a very small part comes to retail sales as pure grain whiskey. This drink is almost devoid of flavor and is not sold in its pure form in ordinary retail stores. Often grain whiskey goes to the manufacture of vodka or gin. Mixed (blended) whiskey - whiskey, obtained by blending (blending) the malt type of this drink with grain. Blended whiskey - the most popular type of drink among fans.

Difference of whiskey from other alcoholic beverages

What is the difference between whiskey and brandy? The fact that brandy alcohol is stored in very old oak barrels, which reaches 80 years.Just like whiskey, this drink can withstand several degrees of distillation and is aged in barrels, but the strength of brandy never exceeds 40%.

Cognac has a more delicate taste in comparison with whiskey. The strength of the Scottish drink is often weakened by water in order to feel the full flavor. Cognac also loses its taste, being diluted.

What makes bourbon different from whiskey? Mainly due to the fact that bourbon is made from corn raw materials, and whiskey is made from barley.

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