What is discipline?

Every person in his life has repeatedly heard the word "discipline." About him constantly talking at school, at work, in the army. However, not everyone has a properly formed notion of discipline and why it is necessary in everyday life.

Consider what a discipline is, what it is for, and what types of discipline exist.

What does the term "discipline"

The word "discipline" comes from the Latin word, which translates as "rigor, consistency." This term means in the modern world certain rules of human behavior that have been adopted in the society where this person is located. Communities can be different - from the army to work. Therefore, you can often hear about school, work or military discipline.

Discipline can be maintained by punishing or rewarding a person. If a person does everything correctly and correctly, then he is encouraged, while the violator is subject to fines and punishments.

However, not only other people in whose social circle you enter can establish discipline, but you yourself can create a set of rules that should be followed to achieve goals. After all, the lack of discipline will not give success with the task.

Why do you need discipline

Discipline is always needed precisely to achieve the goals and objectives set by the organization, the community or just an individual. An undisciplined person is always ineffective and loses in any case to the one who is organized. Indeed, without discipline, there is no order and consistency in actions.

Discipline helps to eliminate all obstacles to success, including weakness, fatigue, resistance of people, adverse conditions, and more. In essence, the discipline structurally consists of:

  • Self control This is tracking your actions and ultimately eliminating internal barriers such as passivity and other negative emotions and processes in your own mind. Thanks to this, it is possible to move forward in spite of everything, removing internal contradictions;
  • Patience. Often, the path to a goal can be very difficult and various obstacles will arise. You must be patient when performing tasks;
  • Timeliness - the implementation of the tasks and goals just in time without delaying decisions and actions for later.

Regular training and self-education form strong discipline and willpower.

Varieties of discipline

Discipline has many varieties and classifications, as this concept is widely used in many areas of human life. Discipline is divided into two general types:

  • Generally binding. This is a discipline that is established by the state for all state or other organizations, officials and citizens;
  • Special discipline is established only in a certain organization and applies only to employees of this organization.

Discipline is also distinguished by belonging to

  • Military, which is controlled by the charter on the service and serves as the main document regulating the behavior of military personnel;
  • Labor, which is controlled by documents and bylaws at work in any organization. It establishes special rules for the behavior of people at work;
  • School, the rules and regulations of which are spelled out in the documents of the school or other educational institution. It serves to control the behavior of students so that they can maximize the development of new knowledge;
  • Technological, which will tell about the observance of the rules of operation of equipment, processes and sequence of operations on the equipment.Often, the same includes fire safety rules;
  • And other species established by a particular organization or community.

In addition, there is an internal and external discipline.

  • External discipline is the observance of the rules, regulations and principles with the control of other people. Such a discipline is characteristic of military, labor and training organizations, but there may also be an internal discipline;
  • Internal discipline is the control of one’s own rules of one’s own free will without coercion and external sanctions from other people and organizations. This discipline is typical for athletes, successful businessmen and other people who limit and control themselves to achieve their goals.

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