What is early?

March 25, 2015
What is early?

Many words in Russian have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. For example, the simple word "early" has two basic meanings. Let us consider in more detail what “early” is, what meaning a given word can acquire.

The form of the word "early" is a adverbial adverb of time, and can also act as a predicative. It does not change, like all adverbs, but has a comparative form - "earlier."

The meanings of the word are:

  • Until the appointed time, before the designated deadline. Example: "She came too early"; "It's early to start this business, the time has not come yet."
  • The beginning of the time period. Example: "It is helpful to get up early in the morning."

Also, some singled out the use of the word "early" in the role of the predicate (more correctly, the predicative) in an impersonal form. In this case, the word "early" has the same meaning as in the first example considered: something untimely that happened not on time.

Also Rano is a toponym (toponyms are names of geographical objects):

  • Rano - Vanuatu Island;
  • Rano-Raraku - a volcano located on Easter Island;
  • Rano is a district in Tana Toraja district in Indonesia.

The following can be considered synonymous with the word "early": ahead of time, in advance, ahead of time, prematurely, etc. Antonym - the word "late".

In one of our examples, you read that it is good to get up early in the morning. It really is.

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