What is EDS?

Galina Atakhanova
Galina Atakhanova
July 9, 2014
What is EDS?

The Internet and new information technologies are inexorably entering our daily lives. Today, the electronic analogue of a person’s hand signature has ceased to be something unusual and difficult to access. But still, not everyone clearly understands what functions a digital signature performs. Let's see what is the EDS and how it is used?

What is a digital signature (EDS)?

An EDS is a specific sequence of characters obtained by cryptographic transformation of information using a private key. It is designed to protect an electronic document from forgery, allows you to quickly identify the owner of the EDS certificate, as well as to establish the absence of distortions of information. The slightest change in the source file makes the EDS invalid. The electronic signature is unique each time and cannot be transferred to another document.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, any natural or legal person can receive e-signatures in special certification centers.The difference is only in the package of documents that must be submitted to complete this procedure, which takes from two to three days. The price varies on average from 2,000 rubles for one individual.

Where is EDS used?

At the moment, the main application of EDS is in the field of finance - from accountants when submitting tax reports via the Internet, in the field of corporate document management and from participants in electronic trading.

So, recently, thanks to government support, in the field of public administration and finance the spread of Internet technologies is happening very quickly. In particular, in the form of an electronic auction, government procurement began. Now, budget institutions of all levels can independently organize this process - from placing a tender on the official website to holding an auction. Since January 2011, it has earned a single all-Russian Internet portal on federal, regional and municipal procurement. And the same digital signature became the input key to the new system.

In order to build a clear relationship, an important rule applies: a government customer using an EDS signs all documents sent to the site.If we take into account the fact that the majority of purchases at the federal, regional and municipal level are carried out in electronic form, the presence of EDS becomes vital. Also, digital signature is the main element of modern digital document management. Without EDS it will not have legal force.

The use of electronic signatures can significantly reduce the time for submission of reports to government agencies, processing a transaction or exchange of documentation. In addition, EDS guarantees the accuracy of documents and reduces the risk of financial losses due to increased confidentiality of information exchange.

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