What is erudition?

Elena Kasyanova
Elena Kasyanova
March 26, 2015
What is erudition?

Every person wants to be erudite. But how to increase the level of knowledge? First of all, start by reading Russian and foreign classics, studying scientific research, familiarizing yourself with the autobiography of interesting people.

What is erudition: the definition

The definition of the word erudition (from lat. - scholarship) means deep knowledge, broad comprehensive awareness.

Erudition is knowledge that is obtained as a result of education and the systematic reading and comprehension of literary and technical sources. A scholar has a serious store of knowledge in the most extensive area of ​​classified information.

Often an educated person is equated to the erudite. But there is a difference. The essential difference is that the erudite never stops at what has been accomplished and achieves a result based on the knowledge gained from direct sources of his own.

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