What is good computer?

The invention of the computer is one of the most significant stages of human development, comparable to the invention of the wheel. Breaking into the life of a person in the middle of the last century, the computer began to develop at an incredible speed and in our time the life of a person is unthinkable without him. So how good is a computer and why do we need it?

  • The science. Computers have pushed the development of science, allowing to look into the microworld, create nanotechnology, facilitate the study of space, genetics, etc.
  • Technologies. The use of computer technology has greatly complicated the production technology. Thanks to him, it became possible to produce the purest materials, use robots, drill ultra-deep wells and explore space.
  • Work with databases and complex calculations. Modern computers allow in a split second to do the most complicated calculations and to process huge databases.
  • Work with texts. Nowadays, any PC user can use a text editor in which he can quickly and easily type, correct, check spelling and print in any number of copies.
  • Work with graphics.Now any of us can process a photo in a graphic editor, change it, make a collage. The computer allows you to draw pictures on your computer and make complex drawings.
  • Work with video. The computer has transformed the movie. Nowadays, the movie is shot in digital quality, which greatly increased the image and sound. In cinemas there are films in 3D format, creating the effect of three-dimensional image. Computer technology allows you to make complex special effects and now it is almost impossible to determine where the usual shooting ends and the frames created on the computer begin.
  • Connection Speaking about what a computer is good for, it is necessary to say that with its appearance the connection between people became much easier, there was an e-mail, icq, Skype. The latter allows you to communicate with the user of another PC, not only with voice, but also to transmit video. Computers allow you to quickly and without loss to transfer huge amounts of information to the most remote corners of the earth.
  • The Internet. The development of computer technology has led to the emergence of a comprehensive information network, giving access to any user to a huge amount of information, be it a rare book, a lecture on quantum physics, or information about what is going on in a nearby cinema.
  • Online shopping.Recently, the so-called online stores have become widespread, allowing you to make purchases of a wide variety of goods almost without leaving your home.
  • IPTV. If earlier television could please a small number of channels, then modern IPTV, using computer networks, offers its subscriber hundreds of television channels.
  • Computer games. Speaking about what a computer is good for, most children and teenagers will answer with games. Indeed, computers gave a person a unique opportunity to spend time playing exciting games. Every year the games are becoming more complex and diverse. Anyone can choose their game to their liking - from simple solitaire to difficult strategic game.

In conclusion of the conversation about how good a computer is, we can say that it gives us access to a huge amount of information and facilitates communication, thereby giving us a choice. And therefore makes us freer.

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