What is interesting in Japan?

Japan is the dream of many tourists. Millions of travelers visit the land of the rising sun every year, neither long flights, nor the very high cost of such trips do not stop them. If we talk about what is interesting in Japan, then first of all it is necessary to say about the identity of this country. No one who visited Japan, can not remain indifferent to it and to its people.

Modern Japan, though it adopted some things and traditions from other countries, but at the same time it retained its bright uniqueness. Due to the fact that the country developed according to its own scenario, all Japanese traditions are unique, be it bonsai or Japanese poetry, painting or Japanese cuisine, theater or nature, tea ceremony, sumo, samurai and geisha. Even hotels in Japan are unique. You can stay in a Western-style hotel, or choose one of the Japanese capsule hotels or a traditional Japanese hotel - a ryokan.

In Japan, you can witness a weak earthquake, because this phenomenon occurs in the country almost every day at least in one of the regions.But do not worry about this, for the locals a light earthquake is a familiar phenomenon, and all buildings are designed taking seismic activity into account.

What to visit in Japan: options

At any time of the year, given the six climatic zones in the land of the rising sun, you can find entertainment for the soul. Here you are waiting for:

  • excellent ski resorts (Naeba, Furano, Niseko, Hakuba);
  • beach vacation (Okinawa);
  • hot springs, treatments and Spa;
  • historical sites;
  • museums;
  • temples;
  • modern megacities;
  • National parks with picturesque landscapes (mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, seas and the Pacific Ocean) and Japanese gardens (Garden of Stones Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, Omiya Bonsai Art Museum)

SakuraSpeaking of what is interesting in Japan, one can not tell about the unique passion of the Japanese - hanami - admiring flowers. A special place in hanami is reserved for sakura. About when the sakura blooms, you will find out in the article of our site with the same name. Sakura blooms in Japan is a hot tourist season, but you will not regret visiting this country during one of the most romantic and beautiful periods of the year. The Japanese are generally very sensitive to nature and its place in human life, in this country there are many national parks and protected areas.One of the most popular and beautiful parks in Japan is Park Nikko.

Japan is a land of contrast. Here you can get acquainted with small towns filled with parks, Japanese houses and at the same time you can plunge into the depths of the metropolis of Tokyo. If you love solitude, then walks through national parks are what you need.

What to see in Tokyo

Tokyo is a metropolis, a modern giant city that never sleeps. In order to at least know and understand this ultramodern city, it is necessary to spend at least four weeks in it.Imperial Palace

Here you can plunge into the seeming chaos of the most insane crossroads of the planet - Shibuya, admire the skyscrapers in the Shinjuku area, and a chic panoramic view promises you to visit the Mori Tower. If you are interested in subcultures of Japan, then be sure to visit the Harajuku area - a place where colorful people gather.

You can touch the Japanese tradition by taking a walk in Ueno Park, where several varieties of sakura are gathered, and you should also visit the Imperial Palace.

People of any age will like to visit Tokyo Disneyland.Disneyland

To feel the identity of the country will help you the following:

  • participation in the tea ceremony,
  • rental kimonos
  • walk with geishas
  • learning samurai art or attending a sumo training.

Now you know what is interesting in Japan, and you can organize your best trip in the land of the rising sun.

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