What is jur?

February 16, 2015
What is jur?

The word jur has several meanings. To better understand what jur is, let's look at examples:

  • It can mean an open elevated place. That is, this is a site that is not protected from wind penetration. Usually used only in the expression "to jura". For example, we can say that a person stands on the Jurassic.
  • The word may also indicate a brisk place in which there is a large crowd of people. Such a word was used by writers in their works. For example, Mamin-Sibiryak in the work “Morok” wrote: “The institution is located at the very Jurassic, so that people go by the factory, and to the church, and to the bazaar”.
  • Sometimes you can hear the expression: "In the morning all yuril." It means, tossing about, fussing, hurrying, hurrying.

"Yur" as abbreviation

"Jur" can also be a generally accepted abbreviation of the word "legal" or a part of a compound word from the field of jurisprudence. Today, such variations are often used:

  • Law Firm, the Bureau, the law firm. This means a company providing legal services.
  • Law Faculty, that is, the Faculty of Law, which involves the study of legal norms and their application in practice in the future.

Place names Ure

Toponyms (i.e. names of geographical objects) are also known under the name "Yur": there are a village, a village, a commune and a Yur river. In this case, the word will be written with a capital letter.

Proper name

Ure can serve as an abbreviated form on behalf of Yura.

In addition, of course, there are the names of Jur. For example, Joanne Ure is a Scottish writer and poetess.

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