What is mat?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 29, 2013
What is mat?

Any image (engraving, photograph, embroidery) looks more advantageous if it is properly decorated. Harmoniously chosen frame can emphasize all the advantages of work. The frame is used as a frame and mat, which is the background of the image. And what is a mat?

What is a mat

The literal translation of the word “passe-partout” from French is a master key, or “passing everywhere.” In fact, passe - is really a master key, the key. The key to the correct perception of the image.

Passe-mat is a sheet of thick cardboard framing the picture. The hole for the image is cut out in the cardboard, it is fixed, and all this is inserted into the frame. Thus, it turns out the field between the picture and the frame.

In the same way passe - these are pages in a book from thicker paper, on which illustrations are pasted.

Why mate need

Passe-partu performs several functions:

  • Draws attention to the image.
  • It separates it from its surroundings and creates a color balance between the picture and the frame, as well as the wall.
  • Thanks to the right color scheme can focus on certain details of the image.
  • It serves as a protection from the environment and glass, creating a gap between it and the image.

The color of the mat should be in harmony with the image, not distract attention from it. Therefore, pastel shades of cardboard are preferred. Lighter background tones emit a picture. A dark mat, especially black, become a kind of window, as if alienating the image.

This means to make the interior more interesting due to the correct design of images.

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