What is mistral?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
May 16, 2015
What is mistral?

More and more often lately in the news we hear the French word "Mistral", but we do not always understand what it means. Therefore, we will consider further what the Mistral is.

What does the word "mistral"

Mistral is a French word. In its original meaning, it is the cold north-westerly wind that blows on the Mediterranean coast of France in the spring from Cevennes. This wind annually complicates the lives of agricultural workers in Provence, and in particular the Rhone Valley. Quite often the impulses of Mistral are so strong that they pull out trees from the roots. Formed mistral at the junction of the Atlantic and North Sea cyclones.

In addition, the French portable anti-aircraft missile system with an infrared passive homing head is called Mistral. The main objective of this complex: the destruction of low-flying helicopters and enemy aircraft. For the first time Mistral was adopted by the French army in 1987. At the moment, Mistral is being put into service in 25 countries of the world.

Recently, the news talk about the universal landing ship-helicopter carrier "Mistral". The construction of these ships for the Russian army is currently underway in France. The main feature of the "Mistral" is its ability to immediately perform 4 military tasks:

  • landing on the land of motorized parts;
  • receiving and servicing combat helicopters;
  • be a military hospital;
  • to be the center of command.

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