What is nerd?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
January 25, 2015
What is nerd?

Man has the desire to study the world: nature, society, and himself. Even in antiquity, many sciences appeared, which indicate that the study of the world began several thousand years ago. One of the oldest sciences is botany. What is the nerd, what is she studying, what is the meaning of this word? Understand this.

“Botany” in Greek means “grass, greenery, plant”.

Meaning of the word "nerd"

  • Botany is the science of plants. She studies their structure, habitat conditions, evolution of development. Scientists believe that biology originated one of the first sciences. People, going to a settled way of life, began to grow plants and engage in agriculture, so their interest in plants was very high. Today botany is a diversified science, there are a lot of disciplines in it (floristics, organography, phytocenology, biochemistry and others). The goal of botanist scientists is to study the living conditions of plants, to obtain fruitful varieties that are resistant to both natural conditions and diseases.Research is very important for the development of agriculture in the country. For example: "Botany as a science in the 21st century is successfully developing, expanding the subject of research, improving methods and ways of studying the plant world of the planet."
  • Botany is also an academic discipline in a higher educational institution, an academic subject in a school where teachers are introduced to the basics of this science.

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